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Instantly enable your App-V applications to run beyond its end of life with a simple drag and drop to Cloudpager

Like many in the community, we are big fans of Microsoft App-V. For well over a decade, enterprises have been leveraging App-V to dynamically provision applications to their virtual desktop users. App-V addressed some of the challenges of enterprise applications at the time, such as DLL Hell, unclean uninstalls, application install related reboots, and more. Those are just some of the reasons enterprises continue to use App-V for a significant number of applications today. It is because of our love for the product and the business-critical nature of these applications for some enterprises that we ensured Cloudpager provides the ability to manage existing App-V packages on the platform, so they can also get the benefits of a modern, cloud-native container management platform.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has already announced End of Life for App-V. While still supported right now, App-V also has not been receiving new features for several years. We are excited to announce our Improve Compatibility option in Cloudpager for App-V packages. When you optimize your App-V packages with Cloudpager, you achieve greater application compatibility than you get with native App-V, you can eliminate App-V Connection Groups, and benefit from some of Cloudpager’s unique features like our Policies feature.

Best of all, optimizing your App-V packages is the default setting so the process to optimize your App-V applications is to just drag and drop the package into Cloudpager and the rest is taken care of for you. Once optimised you are free to deploy and manage your App-V packages getting cloud native management for your packages at incredible speed.

What about MSIX?

If you are currently using App-V, the natural successor seems like it should be MSIX. At Numecent, we also have a lot of love for MSIX. Our hope is that more developers and vendors embrace the technology and begin to provide their installation media already pre-packaged in the MSIX container format. As such, Cloudpager also supports managing MSIX containers too. We can enable you to manage your MSIX containers from the cloud with ease and incredible speed of delivery.

At the time of writing this article. The level of compatibility in MSIX is lower than App-V. You will encounter applications that work today in App-V that simply will not work in MSIX. By optimizing your App-V packages, you can achieve a higher rate of compatibility than ever before thanks to our patented Cloudpaging technology.


With support for multiple application container formats, Cloudpager is uniquely positioned to support customers managing existing App-V packages better than ever before and prepares customers for managing MSIX packages as the product matures. Adding our best-in-class Cloudpaging application container technology with an unparalleled compatibility rate, achieving full virtualization coverage and a single golden image is more attainable than ever. The ability to automatically optimize your App-V packages into our Cloudpaging container format provides you with a modern, scalable, and future-proof solution for App-V end-of-life.

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