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Legacy Applications

Ensure even your most complex legacy applications can seamlessly run across the latest Windows desktop and multi-cloud environments, regardless of their original operating system.

Extend the Life of Your Legacy Applications

Many enterprises have access to updated versions of software from major publishers but keep older versions to maintain application-specific data. On the other hand, many line of business applications are designed for a particular operating system. Often these leverage outdated middleware or runtime libraries, creating conflicts on modern operating systems.

Our Cloudpaging container’s unique disposition layers enables even the most complex legacy applications to be packaged and seamlessly deployed across any modern Windows desktop and multi-cloud environment.

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How to Make Windows 11 Your Last True Application Migration

Learn how containerizing your applications will help you retire you legacy debt for good while ensuring even your most complex legacy and custom applications can run on all modern and future Windows desktop and multi-cloud environments, including Windows 11, Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, and beyond.

Maximize Packaging and Deployment Success with Cloudpaging

With the highest compatibility rate on the market, Cloudpaging enables you to package applications with their dependencies with support for drivers, printers, and COM+ component services. This enables you to mitigate application conflicts so you can deploy virtually any legacy or customized application to modern Windows desktop environments, such as Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Citrix VDI and DaaS, Amazon WorkSpaces, and more, regardless of their original operating system.

Case Study

Discover how a global banking and financial institution enabled more than 500+ legacy and modern applications to run on non-persistent multi-session operating environments with Cloudpaging.

Deploy Legacy Applications to Modern OS in Three Steps


Package Virtually Any Windows Application

Cloudpaging can package virtually any Windows application by implementing a true file system at the driver level. This mitigates legacy application compatibility issues on modern OS, enabling automated deployment, updates, and access settings based on parameters set by your organization.


Centralize Your Applications in the Cloud

Cloudpager® is a fully managed, cloud-native application container management platform for Windows desktops. It enables you to lift and shift all your applications to the cloud so they can be seamlessly deployed to any modern physical or virtual Windows from the cloud in a highly automated fashion.


Provision Applications to Any Modern Windows OS

Dynamically provision, update, roll back, recall, and meter your entire application estate across the latest Windows desktop or multi-cloud environments, including Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Citrix VDI and DaaS, Amazon WorkSpaces, and more. This enables you to accelerate application deployment times from minutes (sometimes hours) to seconds while reducing desktop run costs.

“We’re going to Windows 11 on all devices we can. It will literally be an overnight experience”

Mark West, Workspace Platforms Manager, Kingston University


Windows 11 Migration Guide

Desktop migrations are application migrations. Leverage the power of application containers to lift and shift your entire application estate to the latest Windows desktop and multi-cloud environments, regardless of the operating system they were originally designed for.

This is your opportunity to modernize your entire application estate and extend cloud DevOps capabilities to the management of your application estate across physical and virtual desktops.

Whether you are upgrading physical endpoints from Windows 10 to 11, adopting cloud-hosted desktop solutions like Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, or establishing a hybrid approach with a mix of physical and virtual desktops, we have you covered.


Eliminate Obstacles to Packaging and Deploying Legacy Applications on Modern Operating Systems with Cloudpaging

Legacy applications still serve business-critical functions for most enterprises, but can be a pain to maintain. Read how Cloudpaging™ enables you to overcome the obstacles preventing legacy enterprise software from being packaged and deployed onto modern operating systems, regardless of the OS they were originally designed for.

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