“Using Numecent’s Cloudpaging platform, we were able to migrate almost all our existing software (300+ applications) from our Windows 7 environment instantly to our Windows 10 estate without the need to repackage. We are also able to package new software once and deliver to multiple operating systems, allowing us to move forward with our Windows 10 Migration and update our Windows 7 estate without having to commit additional resources to maintain applications on legacy systems.”

Kris Smith, Kingston University London

“Numecent isolations options are the most unique of any product on the market. They have the highest rate of application compatibility I’ve ever seen.”

Rory Monaghan, Geekout365

“Delivering software and applications via Cloudpaging allows companies to control licensing, manage application costs and minimize IT costs.”

Construction Executive

“The more I use [Cloudpaging] Studio, the more I realize how powerful it is!”

Celio Rossy, CTO, Ascentech K.K

“Magic” is perhaps the only proper term to describe what Numecent’s technology feels like in action…this could have wide implications for how we access apps, applications, and downloads in the future.”

Fast Company

“We’re blown away: This startup could literally change the entire software industry with some of the most impressive enterprise technology we’ve seen in a decade.”

Ryan Heath, Technical Director, Software2


Cloudpaging for Enterprise transforms native software delivery, deployment, and provisioning to and from the cloud, datacenter, and desktop.  Package and Deliver any Windows application to any Windows desktop – VDI, Physical, or BYOD


Cloudpaging is the most sophisticated application provisioning software in existence and can deliver 100% of Windows applications, whereas its most capable competitors are limited to 60% – 75% of Windows apps.


Users can Cloudpage applications that exceed the total storage on their device since Cloudpaging does not require all application blocks to be present.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Independent Software Vendors Can Easily Move to a Cloud-Based Subscription Model.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

We offer Cloudpaging for Windows, a DaaS solution empowering channel providers and enterprise IT administrators to deliver a comprehensive desktop application solution, which includes application and update management and deployment.

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