Use Case

Seamlessly Deploy Application Updates

Dynamically provision application updates across your enterprise without the need for image updates, desktop reboots, or session logouts.

Update Applications with Reduced Risk and Downtime

Cloudpager® can update applications in real time, including those in active user sessions. They can also be rapidly rolled back if required. This drastically reduces the time, complexity, and risk of performing application updates at scale. Watch the video to learn more.

Keep Applications Out of Your Image

Traditional approaches to application updates are inherently risky. For most organizations using VDI and DaaS, updates require IT to open their base images, utilize time-consuming workarounds to fix compatibility issues, and reboot end user machines to rollout updated snapshots. From the size of base images to the increasingly distributed nature of the modern workforce, the risk of downtime is compounded at scale.

Rapidly Patch Applications on Remote Endpoints

Say goodbye to nights wondering if business-critical applications will update by the time your employees get into the office the next morning. Cloudpager enables you to quickly and seamlessly patch applications on remote physical endpoints, including active sessions, without the need for a VPN connection. Now you can patch applications on dispersed systems over WAN in seconds or minutes, instead of hours or days.

Case Study

How South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Automatically Deploys Application Updates in Seconds with Cloudpager

Read the Case Study

Stay Up to Date Without the Wait

By containerizing your applications with Cloudpaging, you can abstract them out of your base images and dynamically provision them to end users from the cloud within seconds using Cloudpager, the first and only container management platform for Windows desktops. This enables you to greatly reduce the size of your desktop images and achieve a single golden image.

Application Updates Blog Series

Mishandled updates can yield extensive downtime for your organization, or worse. Check out our application updates blog series for real-world examples from IT veterans, in-depth insights into how containerizing your applications with Cloudpaging eliminates the risk associated with application packaging and deployment, and how Cloudpager provides a friction-free experience for provisioning updates across your enterprise.

Blog 1

Unlock the Power of Truly Seamless Application Updates with Cloudpager

Discover how to eliminate the risk associated with application packaging and deployment by dynamically provisioning updates to end users.

Blog 2

Expedited Updates without Capable Tools Fracture Teams

Our Senior Technologist highlights issues he faced in the field when expediting updates without the proper tools, and the fallout that ensued.

Blog 3

Weekend Updates Don’t Have to Take All Weekend with Cloudpager

Learn how Cloudpager enables you and your team to reduce the time it takes to upload, test, and deploy application updates from hours to minutes.

Blog 4

How a Poorly Timed Update Cost a Financial Services Firm Millions of Dollars

Read how a poorly timed application update led to 30 minutes of unplanned downtime, costing millions of dollars in revenue and how Cloudpager could have saved it all.

Blog 5

Slow Application Updates Can Negatively Affect Patient Care

Patient care and actual human lives are much more valuable than money. Cloudpager ensures you can maintain EHR system uptime without sacrificing application updates.

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Key Features

Quickly provision application updates without disrupting end user sessions with reboots, desktop rebuilds, or snapshot management.

“I can push Chrome within a couple seconds. Updates are easy and users just keep working. It’s well worth it”

Paul Iddon, ICT Infrastructure Manager at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

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