Extend cloud-native DevOps capabilities to the management of your Windows desktop applications across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments.
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The Only Application Container Management Platform for Windows Desktops

Cloudpager® finally brings modern DevOps and agile technologies, like Docker and Kubernetes, to the management of Windows desktop applications across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments. This enables administrators to dynamically provision, update, rollback, recall, and meter your entire application estate across all modern physical and virtual Windows desktops in a highly automated fashion from the cloud.

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It’s Time for Cloud-Native Application Container Management

Cloudpager makes it easy to create, automate, and manage even the most complex desktop application configurations from the cloud. Delivered as a fully managed software as a service (SaaS) solution, you can seamlessly leverage the latest and future Windows technologies, such as Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Windows 11, and beyond.

Container Support

Native support for Cloudpaging, MSIX, App-V, and WAM ensures the most modern, flexible, and cost-efficient way to securely manage desktop applications.


Cloudpager provides global service coverage, unparalleled flexibility, and feature-rich capabilities to deploy application containers across enterprises of any scale within seconds.


Easily create, manage, and monitor desktop environments across your enterprise in a highly automated fashion while integrating to the latest cloud technologies from an intuitive cloud console.

Cost Efficiency

Cloudpager drastically reduces application packaging and deployment overhead. It also enables applications to seamlessly run on Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, the least expensive Windows operating environment.

Case Study

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Container Management Has Never Looked Better

Best-in-Class User Experience and Interface

From an intuitive console, IT can easily manage, monitor, configure, and deploy desktop application containers across your enterprise within minutes, including Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) groups and users.

Drag and Drop Cloud Adoption

Getting to the cloud is as simple as dragging-and-dropping your application containers to the platform and publishing them to configured desktops and storefronts.

In-Depth Dashboards and Reports

Cloudpager provides comprehensive yet consumable insights into the health of your desktop environments, including performance, load times, and more.

Cloudpager Applications tab

Orchestration Has Never Been Easier

Cloud application virtualization

One Solution for All Windows Desktops

Cloudpager supports all modern physical and virtual Windows desktops, including Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Citrix VDI/DaaS, Amazon WorkSpaces, VMware Horizon, and physical endpoints. This includes on-premises, cloud-native, hybrid, and multi-cloud support across Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Designed for Cloud-Forward Enterprises

Built on a global cloud backbone, Cloudpager delivers maximum agility and scalability while eliminating the need to manage customer-side servers and databases infrastructure.

Automate Complex and Redundant Configuration Tasks

Leveraging Cloudpager’s intuitive administrative console, you can seamlessly manage the application lifecycle with its point-and-click interface or leverage PowerShell to automate application deployments and updates.

IT Operations Management Features

Track All Changes

Versioning is built into Cloudpager so that all changes are tracked. Administrators can confidently collaborate when configuring and deploying containers to end-users.


Administrators can view who performed all actions taken on the platform. They have the option to view a comprehensive changelog or snapshot of the system from a specific point in time.

Execute Instant Rollbacks

Instantly roll back any changes. Rollbacks never remove or erase versions, ensuring every change is preserved.

Cloudpager Workpod revision tab

Software Asset Management Simplified

Cloudpager Policies tab

Centralize and Enhance Insights

Streamline visibility into enterprise IT resources, including the performance and utilization of end user desktop environments.

Automate Policy Enforcement

Set deployment constraints for online and offline applications to reduce software costs and adhere to regulatory compliance.

Keep Every App Fully Up-to-Date

Push applications and updates directly and rapidly to end user devices without requiring them to log off or reboot.

Measure and Track Software Costs

Track and calculate the true cost of software licenses per seat or by tracking usage to the second, month, or year​.

Accelerate Windows Desktop Modernization Initiatives

Cloudpager maximizes business and IT agility by enabling you to lift and shift Windows desktop application containers to any modern physical or virtual Windows desktop environment without sacrificing functionality or performance.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Reduce Azure Virtual Desktop adoption friction and costs by centralizing your applications in the cloud.

Amazon WorkSpaces

Automatically upgrade from WorkSpaces Application Manager (WAM) to Cloudpager with a few clicks.

Citrix VDI and DaaS

Streamline application management across on-premises and cloud-hosted Citrix desktop environments.

Windows 365

Transform Cloud PCs into enterprise-ready desktops in less than an hour by centralizing your Windows desktop applications in the cloud.

Windows 11

Ensure even your most complex legacy, custom, and bespoke applications can seamlessly run on Windows 11 without sacrificing functionality or performance.

VMware Horizon

Maximize application portability across VMware environments by running Cloudpaging alongside your existing App Volumes or ThinApp investments.

Key Features of Cloudpager

Built upon our groundbreaking Cloudpaging technology and global cloud backbone, Cloudpager enables IT to maximize uptime, simplify configuration management, and expand visibility and control over software assets from an intuitive cloud management console.

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