Windows 365

Create a robust application experience for Cloud PC users regardless of where they reside

Transform Windows 365 Cloud PCs into Enterprise-Ready Desktops

Windows 365 provides businesses with a streamlined desktop-as-a-service implementation, enabling them to stream cloud desktops to any end user device. Cloudpager® builds upon this offering by providing easy to use, enterprise-grade application management capabilities to support increasingly diverse and distributed workforces. The platform makes it easy for administrators to provision applications and patches to Windows 365 Business and Enterprise Cloud PCs in real time.

Modernize Your Approach to Apps to Unlock the Full Potential of Windows 365

While Windows 365 makes it easy to deploy Cloud PCs themselves, getting all your applications to run can be difficult. Due to performance issues with centralized tools for managing application deployments and the user experience, IT often resorts to installing applications directly into Windows 365 images at the expense of long-term management issues and increased costs.

Rapidly Extend Your Windows Desktop Strategy to the Cloud

Leverage a modern and easy to use cloud console to create a robust, application-rich Windows 365 Cloud PC experience.

Further Simplify Windows 365 Orchestration While Reducing Costs

Cloudpager is the first and only container management platform for Windows desktops. The platform enables administrators to create, enable, and update complex user environments across Windows 365 Business and Enterprise Cloud PCs.

Quickly and easily deploy applications to across Azure AD groups, users, or devices.

Create a self-service storefront for on-demand access to applications.

Track and manage software costs with in-depth reporting and rights management.

Centrally manage apps across Cloud PC and hybrid desktop environments.

Deploy Cloudpaging, MSIX, or App-V containers in a matter of minutes.

Reduce storage costs by removing native application installations.

Enable All Your Applications to Run on Windows 365

Leverage Cloudpaging to ensure all your desktop applications, including complex legacy and custom applications, can run on Windows 365 Cloud PCs without affecting functionality or performance.

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