Cloudpager for Windows 365

Provide Cloud PC users with a robust desktop experience regardless of where they reside.

Transform Cloud PCs into Enterprise-Ready Desktops

Windows 365 provides a users with a simple, intuitive, and cost-efficient Cloud PC without the need to manage virtual machines. Cloudpager ensures IT can maintain visibility, control, and efficiency without sacrificing functionality. From an intuitive cloud management console, Cloudpager empowers IT to dynamically provision application containers to Cloud PC users within seconds from a self-service storefront.

Windows Desktop Migration

Streamline Cloud PC Management

Cloudpager is the first ever desktop container management solution for Windows desktops, enabling IT to create, enable, and support complex user environments across Windows 365 Business and Enterprise Cloud PCs.

Automate the deployment of Cloudpaging, MSIX, or App-V containers to Cloud PCs.

Enhance software rights management with in-depth reporting and dashboards.

Rapidly scale Cloud PC resources across Azure AD groups, users, or devices.

Manage and push software updates to Cloud PCs without installations or reboots.

Recall or rollback software remotely via Cloudpager’s cloud-based console.

Create self-service application storefronts for all Cloud PC users.

Ensure Application Compatibility and Portability

Leverage Cloudpaging to ensure all your desktop applications, including complex legacy and custom applications, can run on Windows 365 Cloud PCs without sacrificing functionality, performance, or agility.

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