Use Cases

Cloudpaging for Education

Simplify how applications are delivered to students across geographies, devices, and operating systems.

Numecent and Software2 Join Forces to Deliver AppsAnywhere

Cloudpaging enables educational institutions to deliver their entire Windows application estate to their students and staff members anywhere, anytime. With Cloudpaging, even the most complex software applications can run across physical and virtual desktops without being repackaged.

Our education partner Software2 integrates its industry-leading product, AppsAnywhere, to Cloudpaging to provide a customizable application store that can deploy all your applications to students with a single click.

How Cloudpaging is Being Used Today

University IT teams are delivering hundreds of applications to tens of thousands of students everyday, without the need to repackage for different devices or operating systems.

200+Higher education institutions delivering applications via Cloudpaging
1.5M+Students accessing applications in a self-service manner
75%Reduction in the number and 75% size of system images
50%Less application-related help desk tickets to-date

Increase License Visibility and Control

Meter and report on all application usage, while implementing fine-grained software license controls to ensure ISV compliance. Ultimately, this maximizes application availability, reduces IT overhead, and optimizes license usage.

All Cloudpaged applications can be made available from a centralized application store, enabling students to securely access the resources they need in a self-service fashion from their unmanaged devices.

Unlike traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Cloudpaging leverages local workstation resources to run applications as if natively installed. This empowers IT to deliver graphics-intensive software without expensive back-end infrastructure to support it.

Case Studies

Cloudpaging Implementations

Explore how universities are leveraging Cloudpaging to effortlessly package and deploy thousands of applications and updates to tens of thousands of students daily.

Glasgow Caledonian University

Discover how Glasgow Caledonian University democratized application access across tens of thousands of students on and off-campus without installing applications on individual devices, while maintaining security and compliance.

Discover more incredible implementations of AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging.

Using Numecent’s Cloudpaging platform we were able to migrate almost all our existing software (300+ applications) from our Windows 7 environment instantly to our Windows 10 estate without the need to repackage, and without having to commit additional resources to maintain applications on legacy systems”.

Kris Smith, Kingston University

See Cloudpaging and AppsAnywhere in Action!

Try AppsAnywhere in Software2's demo environment to see how you can deliver all your applications to any device, anywhere, and anytime.