University of Michigan College of Engineering Deploys AppsAnywhere to Over 1,300 Computers

Customer Overview

The University of Michigan’s College of Engineering (supported by CAEN – the Computer Aided Engineering Network) has chosen AppsAnywhere, a Software2 solution, after looking for an alternative application virtualization solution to replace their existing Microsoft App-V environment.

Why Cloudpaging?

Cloudpaging, a Numecent technology, is an evolution of existing technologies that were at the forefront of application virtualization and streaming, revolving around a patented broad set of new and disruptive technologies to transform native software delivery, deployment and provisioning from the cloud.


The University of Michigan Ann Arbor is a public institution that was founded in 1817. It was recently ranked #27 in the 2017 rankings of National Universities.

As one of the world’s leading public universities, Michigan has 28,000 undergraduate and 15,000 graduate and professional students, from all 50 US states and 121 countries. Students can choose from over 240 undergraduate majors, over 90 Masters programs and over 100 doctoral programs.

Virtualizing 100% of Windows apps

Like many university IT departments, Michigan’s College of Engineering, supported by CAEN (the Computer Aided Engineering Network), was looking for an alternative solution for virtualizing apps, to replace their existing Microsoft App-V environment.

The University found that Microsoft App-V could only virtualize 40% of the CAEN engineering software library, due in part to the size and complexity of many of the engineering applications.

CAEN realized they needed a new solution that would be able to virtualize 100% of the ‘tricky’ engineering apps.

Numecent is proud to be a part of the University of Michigan’s virtualization project by providing the Cloudpaging component necessary for its success. Partnering with Software2 on the deployment of AppsAnywhere has resulted in helping numerous universities with the virtual migration of their assets. We are looking forward to the growing relationship with the University of Michigan and
our continued partnership with Software2.

Arthur Hitomi, CEO of Numecent

Choosing a solution

AppsAnywhere from Software2 enables secure, easy and instant access to apps. Once virtualized through Cloudpaging, a Numecent technology, applications perform exactly as if they were installed natively.

  • Controls access to apps based on user roles
  • Controls interactions between non-compatible apps
  • Adding new apps on the client PC doesn’t require admin privileges
  • License restrictions and concurrency enforcement
  • Eliminates the need for Sassafras Keyserver for software license management
  • Usage Reporting

We’re pleased by the results we’ve seen so far from the team at CAEN. Whilst there’s still plenty more to do to ensure the project is successful, the fact that 95% of apps have been virtualized and on-demand is a great foundation. A larger roll-out remains our aim. To achieve this with the University of Michigan would be great to all involved and reward for the hard work from the CAEN IT team.

Tony Austwick, Software2 co-founder

Trial Results

I’m very happy with our initial roll out of AppsAnywhere from Software2, to the College of Engineering computer labs. We learned a lot in our first semester. For the Winter semester, we’re partnering with ITS Sites to virtualize applications to the central campus computer in Angell Hall. When complete, this will provide engineering students an additional 170 computers that have access to over one hundred apps in the Engineering Software Library, including Unigraphics NX, TeamCenter, Solidworks, Abaqus, Aspen and Ansys.

Don Lambert, manager of CAEN Student Computing Environment

About Software2

We specialize in awesome solutions for software distribution and delivery, within the education sectors throughout the UK, Europe, and North America. By bringing AppsAnywherto universities and colleges, we’ve successfully enabled many institutions to realize their software deployment strategies, efficiently and cost-effectively. We strive to provide customer service levels that are unparalleled. We work hard to make sure our customers get the maximum support from day one, and with our support team you can guarantee that you’ll get personal one to one service with all your queries

About Numecent

Numecent is the pioneer of Cloudpaging, an award-winning cloud technology designed to maximize application compatibility and portability across modern desktop environments. Headquartered in Irvine, California – with two satellite locations in London and Tokyo – the company delivers applications to millions of users worldwide. With innovation at the core of its business, the company’s technology portfolio includes 58 issued patents (and counting).

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