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Run App-V Forever

Your long-term solution to App-V’s end of life is a simple drag and drop of your existing application packages to Cloudpager®.

Don’t Stress App-V’s End of Life

We consistently speak with enterprises with hundreds of App-V applications seeking a solution to continue leveraging their investments beyond its estimated end of life in 2026.

With the emergence of new Windows technologies and increasingly distributed workforces, enterprises need a solution to continue leverage their investments in App-V across modern workspaces and multi-cloud environments. Fortunately, Cloudpager enables you to implement your solution to App-V’s end of life in a matter of minutes.


Five Requirements for a Future Proof Solution to App-V’s End of Life

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Instantly Modernize App-V Packages with Cloudpager

Extend the life of your App-V application estate and expand upon its capabilities simply by uploading them to Cloudpager.

Simplify the App-V Application Lifecycle

Cloudpager is the first and only container management platform for Windows desktops, providing you with a single, intuitive cloud management console to dynamically provision your App-V packages across physical and virtual desktop environments.

Optimize Your App-V Packages

Cloudpager enhances the capabilities of your App-V applications without any manual administration or repackaging required. Simply drag and drop your App-V packages to the Cloudpager administrator console and begin provisioning them to end users from the cloud with unprecedented speed, compatibility, license controls, and insights into application usage.

Deploy App-V Applications from the Cloud

Cloudpager enables you to dynamically provision App-V applications directly to Azure AD groups and users in a highly automated fashion from an intuitive cloud management console. It is the only application container management platform that can deploy App-V applications to any modern physical or virtual Windows desktop environment in a friction-free manner.

Easily Manage App-V Updates

Deploying updated application containers can be done with a just a few clicks, or automated entirely. By providing a centralized container management platform, Cloudpager provides you with a highly automated workflow for managing application updates. Updates can be provisioned without requiring logouts or reboots, including desktops in active user sessions, creating a more dynamic experience for IT administrators and end users.

App-V Use Cases

Take a deep dive into how Numecent solutions can maximize the flexibility, agility, utility, and speed of App-V applications across your enterprise.

Use Case 1

Run App-V Beyond its End of Life

Drag and drop your App-V applications to Cloudpager to automatically optimize them for the latest Windows desktop and multi-cloud environments.

Use Case 2

Achieve Full Application Virtualization Coverage

Cloudpaging enables you to virtualize even your most complex legacy and custom applications, including those App-V cannot, and run them alongside App-V packages.

Use Case 3

Deploy App-V Applications from the Cloud

Cloudpager makes it easy to manage your App-V estate across physical and virtual Windows desktops in a highly automated fashion from the cloud, including the ability to assign sets of applications to Azure AD groups, users, or hybrid user groups with a few clicks.

Use Case 4

We Have App-V But Don’t Know How to Use It

Whether professional services organizations handle all packaging for enterprise IT or dedicated App-V personnel have left, it can be virtually impossible to continue leveraging your existing App-V investments. Fortunately, Cloudpager can solve this problem in minutes.

Use Case 5

Adopt Cloudpaging While Running App-V

Some organizations want to adopt new application container types with App-V’s end of life estimated for 2026. Cloudpager enables you to seamlessly provision your existing App-V packages alongside Cloudpaging and MSIX from an intuitive cloud management console.

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