Deploy App-V Applications from the Cloud

It is well known throughout the industry Microsoft App-V is scheduled for end of life in 2026. Not surprisingly, new features have not been in active development for several years.  

With no native package type available for App-V in Intune, Microsoft’s cloud native solution for Mobile Device Management, organizations with existing packages must figure out a path forward. We engage with enterprises that have hundreds of existing App-V packages seeking a solution to extend the life of their App-V applications. Ultimately, they are determining whether to cobble together their own solution within Intune and risk having to maintain and support it themselves as Intune features change or whether to repackage hundreds of packages to Win32 apps, mitigating the benefits of App-V. Neither of these options are very appealing or easy to accomplish. 

Assign App-V Applications to Azure Active Directory Groups 

If you have existing App-V packages and want to get the benefits of cloud management – such as the ability to assign to Azure AD users and groups or hybrid user groups – then you are in luck. Cloudpager provides a cloud-native application container management platform that enables you to easily manage your App-V estate across physical and virtual desktops in a highly automated fashion with support for application assignments using modern identity providers.

Cloud Migration Made Easy 

Migrating your existing App-V packages to the cloud couldn’t be easier. Simply highlight all your App-V packages, drag and drop them onto the Cloudpager admin portal.  

Drag and drop application container upload
Figure 1: Drag and drop upload of Cloudpaging, App-V, and MSIX application containers

Instant Application Management Modernization 

After uploading you can immediately start using our modern application management features for your App-V packages, such as Workpods. These allow you to create groups of applications and assign them to user groups via Azure AD. These applications will then auto-deploy to those assigned users on any Windows devices with the Cloudpager client installed. 

You also have the option to publish your App-V applications in your own custom storefront to provide end users with self-service remote access via an intuitive web portal (see figure 2).  

Figure 2: Cloudpager Storefront

Delivered as a cloud native software as a service (SaaS) solution, Cloudpager is perfect for managing applications across any Windows desktops, regardless of where end users reside. If your organization is taking a hybrid approach with some users working on physical endpoints and some working on cloud hosted desktops, you can seamlessly manage applications across those desktops from Cloudpager’s centralized management console. You can quickly deploy applications to all your Windows desktops on any network, providing an excellent experience for IT administrators and end users alike.  


If you have a large App-V estate, Cloudpager ensures they are not a blocker for your migration to the cloud. In fact, application orchestration and management will be easier than ever. We can help you lift and shift these packages to the cloud, enabling you to instantly begin deploying them to any physical or virtual Windows desktop across your enterprise, regardless of where they are located. We can also help you achieve a higher rate of success when dynamically deploying applications by enabling you to package virtually any application in your estate. Not only will App-V not be left behind, but applications you could not package with App-V can be seamlessly packaged with Cloudpaging and provisioned from the cloud alongside your App-V applications. No app left behind! 

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