We Have App-V Applications But No One in Our Organization Knows How App-V Works

During the initial wave of application virtualization adoption, it was not uncommon for organizations to hire consulting firms to sequence their applications with App-V. However, many of those engagements came to an end and internal employees with App-V knowledge have since left the company and the professional services organizations have moved onto other projects. While App-V can be simple to use for certain applications, it is not straightforward when remediation work is required. Training and experience are vital in these scenarios, putting organizations without App-V experts into a tough spot. 

Though a risky endeavour, organizations without App-V experts leave the initial application packages untouched with hopes they just keep working until they are no longer needed. 

With App-V’s end of life (EOL) just a few years away, pressure is mounting for those with extensive App-V coverage. How can those organizations handle their existing App-V packages if no one on the team is experienced with the product? 

How do you handle App-V packages?

The good news is that Cloudpager provides a way to get continuity with your existing App-V packages, even extending the life of your App-V packages beyond 2026. More importantly, the platform can do this with a minimal interaction required from administrators.  

Admins can simply drag and drop any existing App-V packages into Cloudpager, which automatically optimizes them for the latest Windows desktop environments (physical and virtual), effectively eliminating some of the more complicated aspects of App-V and extending the life of your packages into the future. 

Optimizing your App-V packages with Cloudpager ensures a higher rate of application compatibility, removing the need for Connection Groups to enable your isolated inter-dependent applications to co-exist. Better yet, implementing a cloud-native modern container management platform to manage your applications now and into the future equips you with the ability to quickly deploy and roll back application updates, get enhanced utilisation reports to help manage application lifecycle, and utilize our unique Policies feature – which can be used to expire access to applications, allow offline application usage, and more! 

The optimization simplifies the management of your existing App-V packages going forward. For future application virtualization requirements, we also offer Cloudpaging containers, the best-in-class application virtualization solution with an unparalleled compatibility rate (north of 95 percent). Where App-V and other similar products have failed in the past, Cloudpaging thrives. For example, applications with drivers can be seamlessly packaged out-of-the-box without the need for complex workarounds with our Cloudpaging container format. Not only can we provide a higher rate of compatibility for your applications, but the packaging process should be simpler with an even higher first-time success rate too.  


Regardless of the App-V expertise within your organization, Cloudpager provides an intuitive, future-proof solution to seamlessly extend the life of your existing App-V investments beyond its EOL. Not only will it bring business continuity, but it will instantly modernize how you manage applications across your enterprise going forward. To learn more about automatically optimizing your App-V packages, as well as the general benefits of managing App-V applications with Cloudpager, check out the rest of our App-V blog series: 

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