What is Cloudpaging?

The most powerful desktop container technology for mobilizing and managing Windows applications.

Created by a world-class team of inventors, Cloudpaging™ is designed to simplify the mobilization and management of applications across modern workspace and multi-cloud environments. Boasting the strongest application virtualization technology on the market, Cloudpaging containers enable applications to run across any cloud, VDI, DaaS, or physical desktop environment.


Applications are abstracted from their operating system and packaged with their dependencies so they can seamlessly run across modern operating systems.


Applications are made available via Enterprise Portal or your preferred application store (custom built or third-party), so they can be accessed across your enterprise.


Cloudpaging Player enables users to run applications as if natively installed on their device, without going through any installation processes.

Cloudpaging Maximizes Desktop Performance

Cloudpaging requires less than 10 percent of an application to run. After launching the application, the remaining page fragments are delivered as as-needed. This allows applications to be streamed on-demand without installing on client devices.

With support for more applications than any other application delivery tool, you can deliver a native application experience across your enterprise between 20x to 100x faster.

Cloudpaging Delivers Unprecedented Application Compatibility

Even the most complex legacy and customized applications can be packaged within a day. Once packaged, Cloudpaging allows them to run across modern desktop environments without being repackaged.

Legacy Applications: Legacy applications are not aware of service hardening. Cloudpaging containers isolate troublesome dependencies, allowing them to seamlessly run across modern desktop environments, without any source code changes.

User Mode Applications: Cloudpaging virtualizes down to the driver-level, ensuring user-mode applications still work with their printers, Bluetooth devices, USB devices, and more.

Kernel Mode Applications: Our unique disposition layers and sandbox deliver the most refined method for eliminating application conflicts, unlike traditional user-mode approaches to application virtualization.

Cloudpaging Enhances Security and Compliance

Cloudpaging leverages AES 256-bit encryption and reports on all application usage, helping prove regulatory compliance in a cloud context. It also empowers IT to automate the reallocation and reclamation of software licenses for online and offline applications. There are three license options for Cloudpaging users:


Determine how many seats can be active at the same time.


Determine how many total seats can be allocated (active or inactive).


There are no limits to the number of online or offline seats, but usage metrics will be tracked when possible.

Cloudpaging Reduces IT Overhead

Gone are the days of day-long desktop installations, updates, and repackaging for different devices or operating systems. In fact, some customers have successfully standardized on a single Gold image to service more than 60,000 end users.

Support for PowerShell and Jenkins enables you to integrate Cloudpaging to your automation workflows and CI/CD pipelines, further reducing the burden on central IT.

All your end users need is Cloudpaging Player, a light agent installed on their device, and they can begin streaming applications to their physical or virtual desktops.

What Cloudpaging Means for IT

Cloudpaging single-handedly unlocks hybrid workforce productivity. Once packaged, applications can seamlessly run across physical and virtual desktops. In other words, applications are free to travel wherever your users go without the need to be repackaged.

Simplified Application Migrations

Server Migration

Seamlessly move applications across cloud, on-premises, or hybrid desktop environments

Desktop Migrations

Cloudpaging containers format applications to run across devices and operating systems, regardless of their original OS.

Operating System Migration

Cloudpaging packages applications with their dependencies, isolating those that create conflicts, ensuring they can run across modern desktop environments (e.g., Windows 11, Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop).

Seamless Integration to Your Favorite Tools

Cloudpaging offers a robust set of APIs, enabling you to easily integrate to your preferred tools, including:

  1. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
  2. Citrix Management Consoles
  3. VMware Management Interfaces
  4. Oracle Enterprise Manager
  5. IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM)

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