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Software Applications Delivered
from Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid Servers.

Cloudpaging simplifies application provisioning to save valuable resources,
including money and time.

Cloudpaging deploys commercial, custom, and legacy software applications, device drivers, and updates
to all your virtual and physical desktops — without installation conflicts or system changes.

Cloudpaging's Simple Steps: Package, Deliver, Execute

How is Cloudpaging Different from Application Virtualization?


Cloudpaging creates unique dispositions for isolating or integrating software and the end user’s operating system.
This results in maximum application compatibility and functionality.

Cloudpaging technology makes it possible to run your existing client applications in a new operating environment without all the hassle and expense of upgrading to new versions of your existing software. Some of the largest companies in the world, including leading providers of cloud services, use Cloudpaging to migrate, manage, and run all of their applications. Cloudpaging’s advanced automated application provisioning capabilities put it in a class above traditional application virtualization tools which only solve part of the problems many companies face.

Software that looks, acts, and feels local

Deliver applications easier while reducing significant IT burden