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Lift & Shift Apps to Windows 11

Ensure even your most complex legacy and custom applications can seamlessly run on the latest Windows desktop environments leveraging our Cloudpaging® application container technology.

Windows 10 End of Support is October 2025

Microsoft announced Windows 10 end of life (EOS) will be October 14, 2025. To ensure your organization remains secure and compliant without having to pay for extended support, all your applications need to be migrated to a supported Windows operating system.

Our Cloudpaging® technology enables you to package all your Windows applications, including your most complex legacy and customized applications, and seamlessly deploy them to the latest Windows desktop environments, including Windows 11, Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, and more.

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‘We’re going to Windows 11 on all devices we can. It will literally be an overnight experience”

Mark West, Workspace Platforms Manager, Kingston University

Cloudpaging Improves Windows Application Migration Success Rate for Enterprise Legacy Applications

Cloudpaging enables you to package virtually any Windows application, enabling you to extend virtualization capabilities to your entire application estate, including those that cannot be packaged with App-V or MSIX.

Migrate Windows XP (and earlier) applications to Windows 11

Application compatibility is a top concern of IT professionals as they contemplate their Windows 10 migration plans. Many companies still have legacy XP and older ISV applications which are critical to their lines of business but are not supported and will not run on Windows 10. In many cases, Cloudpaging technology can be used to successfully migrate these applications.

Migrate in-house, custom, and bespoke apps to Windows 11

A common issue is in-house applications developed for legacy OS that no longer have the original developer or support staff to maintain mission-critical software applications. For example, internal websites many still use ActiveX controls that are not compatible with Windows 10. Numecent customers have been successful leveraging Cloudpaging to migrate these applications to Windows 11 and extend their lifespan.

Isolate troublesome dependencies and applications from modern Windows 11 applications

Isolate troublesome dependencies, such as hardcoded file paths, while also providing support for services and drivers. This ensures even your most complex legacy, homegrown, in-house, and bespoke applications can be packaged and run alongside modern Windows 11 applications without compromising system security.

Lift and shift to any modern Windows desktop environment

Cloudpaging containers can be reused across any modern Windows desktop environment, so you don’t have to repackage applications for different devices or operating systems. This enables you to lift and shift to any physical or virtual Windows desktop environment whenever you would like, including Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Amazon WorkSpaces, Citrix VDI and DaaS, VMware Horizon, and more.

Maintain ISV compliance

Meter and report on all Cloudpaged application activity, including application usage and user access. You can also automate software license policy enforcement to ensure end users do not exceed your maximum license count.

Reduce complexity for IT Administrators

Application virtualization can be complicated for administrators who are not familiar with traditional virtualization solutions. Cloudpaging provides the highest application packaging and deployment success rate of any application container or application layering solution.


How to Make Windows 11 Your Last True Application Migration

With Windows 10 end of support arriving October 14, 2025, now is the time to plan your migration. Whether you are upgrading physical machines from Windows 10 to 11, adopting cloud-hosted desktops like Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, or establishing a hybrid desktop IT environment with a mix of physical and virtual desktops, the key to success is your applications.

Watch the webinar to learn how Cloudpaging can ensure your next application migration is not only successful, but the last one ever.

Instantly Modernize Applications for Windows 11 with Cloudpaging

Cloudpaging containers simplify the mobilization and management of Windows applications without making any changes to their code. Once packaged, you can seamlessly deploy Cloudpaged applications across modern Windows operating systems in a highly automated fashion.

Case Study

How a Global Financial Services Institution Migrated all its applications from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with Cloudpaging

Rapidly Enhance Desktop IT Operations with Cloudpager

Cloudpager enables you to dynamically provision application containers across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments in a highly automated fashion. By packaging your applications with Cloudpaging, getting your legacy Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10 applications to the cloud is a simple drag and drop.

Lift and Shift to the Cloud

Instantly modernize your application estate with a simple drag and drop upload to the Cloudpager administrative console, enabling them to be deployed to any modern Windows desktop environment within seconds.

Cloud-Native Provisioning

Cloudpager enables you to rapidly deploy, update, rollback, and recall software in a highly automated fashion from its intuitive cloud management console, drastically reducing time spent on repackaging and redeploying applications.

Reduce Application and Desktop TCO

By centralizing your applications in the cloud, you can eliminate the need for legacy-specific application environments and complex scripting to run applications on modern desktop environments.

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