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Windows 11 Migration Guide

With Microsoft announcing Windows 10 end of support will be October 14, 2025, now is the time to migrate your applications estate to Windows 11.

Whether you are upgrading physical endpoints from Windows 10 to Windows 11, adopting VDI/DaaS solutions like Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, or establishing hybrid desktop IT approach with a mix of physical and virtual desktops, your modernization will only be as effective as the applications and tools that can run in your new environment.

Download our Windows 11 migration guide to learn how to:

  • Accelerate your migration with a programmatic approach to your application needs
  • Eliminate application compatibility issues so even your most complex legacy and custom applications can run on Windows 11 and/or cloud-hosted desktop environments
  • Maximize business and IT flexibility and agility by extending DevOps capabilities to the management of your Windows desktop applications
  • Reduce costs leveraging application containers and migration-specific offerings from Microsoft
  • Modernize the user experience for administrators and end users alike on Windows 11

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