5 Requirements for a Future-Proof Solution to App-V’s End of Life

App-V’s end of life is estimated for April 2026. While there have not been updates to App-V for years, enterprises have invested far too much time and resources into the solution to spend the next few years replacing it. Enterprises need a solution that preserves all their existing App-V packages without sacrificing functionality or performance across modern Windows desktop and multi-cloud environments.

This whitepaper highlights five requirements for a future-proof solution that enables you to run App-V beyond end of life without any manual work or repackaging.

Download the whitepaper to learn how to:

  1. Automatically enable all your App-V packages to run beyond end of life without sacrificing functionality or performance
  2. Optimize App-V packages for all modern Windows desktop environments
  3. Expand automation coverage to the entire application lifecycle without the need for custom scripting
  4. Simplify the adoption of the latest Windows technologies as part of your cloud-first and hybrid desktop IT modernization initiatives

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