Accelerate Android Application Delivery.
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Stream Android Applications From the Cloud

Deepstream is a groundbreaking cloud technology that enables the delivery of both native Android applications and Virtual Machines from the cloud.

With the tools and the services provided, customers can rapidly Cloudify low-level application data and pages and deliver them from the Cloudpaging content delivery network (CDN) platform almost instantly, with zero installation of the application on client devices.

The New Standard for Mobile Gaming

Users don’t have to delete your games any more

Deepstream enables users to package applications that exceed device storage limits by breaking applications down into “pages” (instruction fragments) and only delivering them as needed.

Cut down on server costs while increasing users

Deepstream reduces the amount of data needed to run applications while maintaining the quality of the end user experience. This enables audiences to consume more content at a fraction of the space.

Tap into “low-bandwidth” markets

Billions of people are expected to get smartphones over the next half-decade, but many lack access to the 4G and LTE networks available in the United States and Europe.

While internet growth is slowing in developed markets, access is increasing in developing markets like Africa and Asia.

Source: GSMA – Global LTE network forecasts and assumptions, 2013-2020

Mobile games, accessible everywhere

Accelerate user growth with Deepstream

  1. Eliminate lengthy installations
  2. Enable end-users to immediately start using applications
  3. Run applications that exceed available device storage
  4. Offer larger applications to a global audience

Download the Deepstream Client

The Android Deepstream APK is built for Android 6.0.