Deepstream Professional Services

Enlist Cloudpaging experts for fully managed Android application packaging.

Deepstream Packaging Services

Professional Services for Android Applications

As the inventors of Cloudpaging, the leading enterprise application packaging solution, we are the experts in packaging applications with Deepstream. Our professional services team, consisting of our top Solutions Architects and Deployment Engineers, can package even the most complex applications within a matter of days.

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Numecent’s Two-Phase Approach

Advisory Phase

Our team of Program Managers, Solutions Architects, and Deployment Engineers will work alongside your team to outline a project roadmap. Deliverables include:

  1. Assessment and categorization of application estate
  2. Prioritizations and phasing by business need and technical complexities
  3. Recommendations for training and resources
  4. Packaging and rollout planning

Packaging Phase

Numecent Solution Architects and Deployment Engineers will manage the packaging and deployment lifecycle. Costs vary based on efforts required to package applications. Deliverables include:

  1. Package applications identified during the advisory phase
  2. Agile packaging processes with frequent application delivery
  3. Formal status updates to provide visibility into the process

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