Cloudpaging Content Delivery Network (CCDN)

Cloud application virtualization ensures apps can be securely accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Cloudpaging™ CDN Overview

Cloudpaging CDN (CCDN) empowers single members of IT to securely package, deliver, and manage applications for thousands of end-users via the cloud. Delivered as a web service, it streamlines application workflows, from application provisioning and automated upgrades to managing entitlements and reporting on application usage.

Unlock the Speed, Scale, and Flexibility of the Cloud

Leverage the global, highly automated nature of the cloud with the enterprise-grade functionality of your on-premises investments.

Lift-and-Shift to the Cloud

Cloudpaging containers can package even the most complex applications within a day. In doing so, they are formatted for automated deployment, updates, and access settings based on your predetermined levels.

Integrate to Automation and CI/CD Workflows

Support for PowerShell and Jenkins make it easy to incorporate Cloudpaging into your existing automation and CI/CD workflows. This enables you to streamline the management of complex applications that were previously unable to run in a DevOps-friendly manner.

Accelerate Application Delivery

By breaking applications into “pages,” Cloudpaging requires less than 10 percent of applications to launch. The remaining pages are fetched on an as-needed basis.

All this is achieved without installing on client devices, accelerating application delivery between 20x to 100x.

Reduce IT Overhead

With centralized management and our package once, deploy anywhere model, CCDN empowers single members of IT to service thousands of end-users.

Moreover, Cloudpaging can establish a single gold image, drastically reducing storage consumption on the cloud.

CCDN for Azure Virtual Desktop

CCDN integrates to Azure Active Directory Domain Services, Azure Files, and FSLogix to unlock the full Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop experience.

CCDN for Azure Virtual Desktop

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