Cloudpager for Azure Virtual Desktop

Enhance virtual desktop performance, management, and cost-efficiency across your enterprise.

Reduce Azure Virtual Desktop Adoption Friction and Costs

While DaaS is the future for most enterprises, many applications are not built to run in the cloud, let alone multi-session environments. Cloudpaging containers enable you to seamlessly run all your applications in a multi-session fashion on the lowest cost Windows environments. Cloudpager empowers IT to then create, orchestrate, and provision complex desktop environments across your enterprise within seconds.

Lift and Shift to Azure Virtual Desktop

Cloudpaging technology can package even the most complex legacy and custom applications to be packaged within a day. Once packaged, Cloudpaging containers can seamlessly run across AVD without being repackaged.

With Cloudpager, getting started on Azure Virtual Desktop is as simple as a drag-and-drop of Cloudpaging, MSIX, and App-V containers to its cloud management console. From there, IT can dynamically provision them to any Azure AD group, user, or device within seconds.

Enhance Virtual Desktop Performance

Applications travel with users now. Whether at home home or the office, Cloudpager provides a highly available, performant, and customizable virtual desktop experience for end users.

All end users have to do is sign in and they are off to work.

Launch Up-to-Date Without the Wait

Gone are the days of day-long installations and updates. Cloudpager empowers IT to dynamically provision application containers and updates to end user devices from the cloud.

End users are give the option to choose whether they move to the latest version of the application, ensuring they can continue working in their preferred manner.

The best part? All this occurs without any reboots.

Drastically Reduce Virtual Desktop Costs

Cloudpaging containers enable you to standardize on Windows Enterprise multi-session while running on the lowest cost Windows environments.

Some of our customers realize thousands in savings due to the drastic reduction in cloud storage costs and elimination of on-premises infrastructure.

Maximize Application Compatibility and Portability

Cloudpaging ensures all your desktop applications, including the most complex legacy and custom applications, can run on Azure Virtual Desktop. This enables you to standardize on Windows 10 and Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session environments in a secure and compliant manner, while running on the lowest cost Windows environments.

Streamline Azure Virtual Desktop Adoption and Management

Cloudpaging containers ensure application compatibility, portability, and cost efficiency, while Cloudpager enables you to dynamically provision complex desktop environments to end users within seconds.

Azure Virtual Desktop Made Easy

Cloudpager is the first and only container management platform for Windows desktops. Delivered as a cloud service, IT can dynamically provision even the most complex desktop environments to end users around the world within seconds.


Ensure all your desktop applications, including the most complex legacy and customized applications, can run seamlessly run on Azure Virtual Desktop with Cloudpaging.

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