Cloudpaging for
Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Stream your entire Windows application estate from anywhere, regardless of which operating system they were designed for.

Unlock the Full Power of the Windows Ecosystem

While Microsoft has streamlined operating system (OS) migrations since the release of Windows 10, many applications are not inherently built to run in non-persistent environments. Cloudpaging technology enables you to stream your entire Windows application estate to Azure Virtual Desktop users across your enterprise.

How Cloudpaging for Azure Virtual Desktop Works

Cloudpaging integrates to Azure Active Directory Domain Services, Azure Files, and FSLogix to streamline the deployment of applications to Azure Virtual Desktop.

Enhance Security and Compliance in a Cloud Context

Meter and report on all application usage, including daily usage patterns, license consumption, and which users are accessing specific software.

Standardize on Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session

Mitigate data leakage risks associated with traditional streaming technologies while optimizing disk utilization, enabling applications to run on less expensive Windows licenses.

Reduce Your Dependency on Gold Images

Work toward a single base image to reduce storage costs, desktop image updates, and installations on end user devices.


Ensure Azure Virtual Desktop users can stream your entire Windows application estate from anywhere with Cloudpaging.

How Cloudpaging Impacts Your Business

Key Capabilities

  1. Cloud application virtualization
  2. Dynamic application provisioning
  3. Network performance optimization
  4. Workflow automation and integration
  5. Secure data in-flight and at-rest (AES 256-bit encryption)
  6. Increased agility and scalability
  7. License monitoring and management
  8. Storage optimization

Common Use Cases

  1. Windows OS migration
  2. Legacy application deployment
  3. Hybrid cloud application delivery
  4. Metering application usage
  5. Remote and/or BYOD environments
  6. Self-service portals and application stores

Additional Resources

Solution Brief

Download our two pager for a brief overview of the benefits Cloudpaging provides for Azure Virtual Desktop users.


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