Cloudpaging Player 9.4 Expands Application Compatibility Across Modern Windows Desktop and Multi-Cloud Environments

Cloudpaging Player 9.4 has been released. The latest version of Cloudpaging Player is compatible Cloudpaging Server versions 9.1.X and higher, with support for all Cloudpaging appset versions. This blog will highlight the latest updates, including enhancements to application compatibility and performance.

Application Compatibility Enhancements

As most of you know, everything we do at Numecent is contingent on maximizing the mobilization and management of applications across modern physical and virtual Windows desktop environments. The enhancements in this week’s release of Cloudpaging Player 9.4.

The two pillars of the application compatibility improvements are driver support for Extended Attributes (EA) operations and Opportunistic Locking (Oplock) operations. This makes it easier than ever to packaging and provision applications, as all applications with these dependencies will be able to be packaged and deployed out of the box without any manual adjustments (e.g., setting files to layer 1 or 2). Eliminating the need for manual administrator further enables you to automate the packaging process, as Cloudpaging

We’ve also made improvements to virtual file and registry permissions handling for non-admin users, to ensure a more seamless application experience.

Performance Improvements

While Numecent technologies already provides a seamless application experience for end users, we have continued to improve the performance with the latest iteration of Cloudpaging Player. From Cloudpaging client initialization (InitClient) to Oplock operations, Cloudpaging Player 9.4 has optimizations to ensure end users have a seamless experience when containerized applications are provisioned and/or cached to their physical or virtual desktops.

Greater Auto-Deployment Sync Controls for On-Premises Users

Cloudpaging Player 9.4 provides more granular controls for customers hosting Cloudpaging Server on-premises. The latest release enables IT Administrators to track, update, and remove applications that have been auto-deployed to end user desktops via Numecent technologies hosted on-premises. Ultimately, this eliminates the need for manual removals of auto-deployed applications, simplifying the application lifecycle for IT and end users alike.

Additional Resources

Existing Customers

For additional information on the improvements included as part of the release, see the release notes included with the installer. Customers can download the current release here download.numecent.com.

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Interested in learning more about our Cloudpaging technology? We’d love to discuss how our product portfolio can help simplify the mobilization and management of your Windows applications across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments.

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