Use Cases

Cloudpaging for Migration

Lift and shift to Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, and more.

Simplify the Mobilization of Your Windows Applications

While Microsoft has streamlined operating system migrations since the release of Windows 10, many business-critical applications have difficulty running on modern operating systems. Additionally, they are not designed to run in non-persistent environments.

Cloudpaging provides the most advanced application virtualization technology, enabling even the most complex legacy applications to be packaged within a day. You can then lift and shift across cloud, VDI, DaaS, and physical desktop environments without repackaging.

OS Migration

Cloudpaging containers ensure applications can be packaged with their dependencies and run across modern operating systems without any conflicts.

Desktop Migration

Cloudpaged applications can run across any physical or virtual Windows desktop as if natively installed, enabling rapid adoption of Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and other DaaS solutions.

Server Migration

Cloudpaging containers can lift and shift across Windows Server environments, maximizing portability across cloud, on-premises, or hybrid IT environments.

Accelerate Adoption and Performance

Simplify the creation, orchestration, and management of application containers at global scale.

Eliminate Conflicts with Cloudpaging

Cloudpaging provides the most advanced cloud application virtualization technology, enabling any Windows application to run across modern desktop environments without repackaging.

Cloudpager is the first and only container management platform for Windows desktops. It empowers IT to dynamically provision even the most complex desktop environments across your enterprise within seconds.

Windows 11 Desktop Migration

Case Study

Discover How an Enterprise Financial Institution Moved Business-Critical Legacy Applications From Windows XP to Modern Operating Systems with Cloudpaging

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