Introducing AppStream 2.0 Elastic Fleets: How to Maximize Application Compatibility and Portability with Cloudpaging

Amazon Web Services Announces AppStream 2.0 Elastic Fleets

Today, Amazon AppStream 2.0 announced Elastic Fleets, a serverless fleet type that lets you stream applications to end users from an AWS-managed pool of streaming instances. Better yet, customers can do so without predicting usage, establishing and managing scaling policies, or creating an image.

With per-second pricing, you only pay for the duration of the streaming session, rather than the entire lifecycle of each provisioned instance. While this can significantly save infrastructure consumption, many applications are not inherently built to be portable or run in non-persistent environments.

That’s where Cloudpaging comes in.

Maximize Application Compatibility

Cloudpaging boasts the best application virtualization technology on the market. With Cloudpaging containers, even the most complex legacy and highly customized applications can be packaged with their dependencies and ready for deployment within a day.

  • Legacy applications are not built to run in modern application environments. For Windows XP or Windows 7 applications that are not compatible with AppStream 2.0, Cloudpaging containers solve these challenges.
  • Kernel mode applications are unable to be packaged with traditional application virtualization solutions. Cloudpaging enables applications with device drivers, or those that cannot work within an AppStream 2.0 VHD, to be packaged and deployed across your fleets.
  • Non-persistent environments make it difficult for in-house or line-of-business applications, as well as those with DRMs (e.g., FlexLM), to work.

Cloudpaging implements a true file system driver at the Windows kernel level, allowing troublesome applications to stream to end users in a non-persistent manner without any source code changes.

Achieve Unparalleled Application Portability

With Cloudpaging containers and AppStream 2.0 you can deliver all your applications – no matter how complex – to any device or operating system. The bottom line is applications are accessible anywhere, anytime.

Streamline AppStream 2.0 Elastic Fleet Onboarding

Cloudpaging creates a friction-free onboarding experience to Elastic Fleets. Rather than create a virtual hard disk (VHD) for each application, Cloudpaging dynamically provisions applications to your fleets.

Getting Started

Setting up Cloudpaging for Amazon AppStream 2.0 Elastic Fleets is simple. If you are an existing AppStream 2.0 customer, all you have to do is create an App Block for Cloudpaging Player.

Next, configure an Amazon AppStream 2.0 Application for Cloudpaging Player to dynamically provision Cloudpaged applications from Numecent’s cloud platform.

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Additional Resources

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a number of resources available to complement the launch of Elastic Fleets:

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