Why Cloudpaging is the Optimal App-V Replacement

App-V’s End of Life is Approaching (Est. 2026)

For years App-V has been the go-to tool for enterprise IT teams to package and modernize applications for Windows 7 (Windows 10 to a degree). It is overdue for enterprises to adopt a solution that can extend the life of existing App-V packages and expand virtualization capabilities to applications that neither App-V or MSIX can package.

Moreover, with the emergence of Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, and Windows 365 (Microsoft’s Cloud PC), it is critical to adopt a solution that can seamlessly package and deliver applications across modern desktop environments – and those that have yet to emerge.

Cloudpaging is the Key to Virtualizing All Your Windows Applications for Modern Desktop Environments

Created by a team of world-class inventors, Cloudpaging was created to simplify the mobilization and management of Windows applications across modern workspace and multi-cloud environments. Even the most complex legacy applications can be packaged within in a day, the streamed on-demand to end user devices without needing to be installed.

Cloudpaging empowers IT to:

Maximize virtualization coverage: App-V only works for approximately 60 to 70 percent of enterprise’s application estates. Cloudpaging enables IT to extend virtualization capabilities to virtually any Windows application, including those App-V is unable to package. Cloudpaging containers can run alongside App-V, allowing you to continue leveraging your existing packages as you virtualize your remaining applications. Moreover, it can also integrate to MSIX, allowing you to solve for compatibility issues and accelerate the conversion of App-V packages.

Package applications with their dependencies: For complex applications, App-V requires users to extract drivers and most of their dependencies to deploy them separately to individual desktops. Cloudpaging enables IT to package and deliver all dependencies together within a single container, simplifying migrations (platform and OS) and enables users to securely run multi-session environments.

Streamline Windows 11, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and Windows 365 adoption: By abstracting applications from their operating system and leveraging our unique disposition layers, Cloudpaging supports more applications than any other application delivery tool. Cloudpaging containers enable you to lift-and-shift applications to your preferred server or desktop environment, drastically reducing adoption friction and enabling your applications to seamlessly run across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid architectures.

Eliminate the need to repackage: Cloudpaging’s package once, deploy infinitely model enables you to seamlessly migrate and run applications across Windows operating systems, server environments, and devices. While VDI and DaaS solutions struggle to deliver non-Windows 10 applications to desktops or Cloud PCs, Cloudpaging containers can deliver virtually any Windows application without sacrificing functionality or disabling of plug-ins.

Dynamically provision applications across desktop environments: Cloudpaging containers eliminate the need for multiple base images to deploy applications across users. IT can provision desktop applications as virtualized application containers from an intuitive, centralized management console.

Reclaim or reallocate software licenses in real-time: With Cloudpaging, IT can rapidly reclaim or reallocate software licenses from a centralized location. They can also revert applications back to a prior version in real time to address unexpected issues. These motions can be achieved quickly by individual users, or by centrally managed enterprise business policies.

Ensure application environments are audit-ready: Cloudpaging meters and reports on all application usage. It also provides flexible licensing models to adhere to enterprise business and regulatory compliance requirements.

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