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Move Fast to Salvage Your Windows 7 Applications

Lift and shift all your applications from Windows 7 to a supported Windows operating system before January 10, 2023 to ensure your enterprise remains secure and compliant.

Windows 7 Paid Support Ends January 10, 2023

Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020. However, Microsoft did provide an option for organizations using Windows 7 Enterprise to pay for extended support, ensuring continued security updates and technical support. That paid support offering expires January 10, 2023, requiring everyone to migrate their applications to supported Windows operating systems to remain secure. Our patented Cloudpaging technology enables you to package all your Windows 7 applications and deploy them to modern Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 and 11.

Achieve Full Virtualization Coverage with Cloudpaging

Cloudpaging enables you to package virtually any Windows application, enabling you to extend virtualization capabilities to your entire application estate, including those that cannot be packaged with App-V or MSIX.

Mitigate Compatibility Issues

Isolate troublesome dependencies, such as hardcoded file paths, while also providing support for services and drivers. This ensures even your most complex legacy, homegrown, and custom applications can be packaged for supported Windows operating systems.

Eliminate Repackaging

Cloudpaging containers can be reused across any modern Windows desktop environment, so you don’t have to repackage applications for different devices or operating systems.

Maintain ISV Compliance

Meter and report on all Cloudpaged application activity, including application usage and user access. You can also automate software license policy enforcement to ensure end users do not exceed your maximum license count.

Reduce Complexity for IT Administrators

Application virtualization can be complicated for admins who are not familiar with traditional virtualization solutions. Cloudpaging provides the highest packaging and deployment success rate of any application virtualization or layering solution.

Instantly Modernize Windows 7 Applications with Cloudpaging

Cloudpaging containers simplify the mobilization and management of Windows applications without making any changes to their code. Once packaged, you can seamlessly deploy Cloudpaged applications across modern Windows operating systems in a highly automated fashion.

Case Study

How a Global Financial Services Institution Migrated all its applications from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with Cloudpaging

Rapidly Enhance Desktop IT Operations with Cloudpager

Cloudpager enables you to dynamically provision application containers across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments in a highly automated fashion. By packaging your applications with Cloudpaging, getting your Windows 7 applications to the cloud is a simple drag and drop.

Lift and Shift to the Cloud

Instantly modernize your Windows 7 applications with a simple drag and drop upload to the Cloudpager administrator console, enabling them to deploy to any modern Windows desktop environment within seconds.

Cloud-Native Provisioning

Cloudpager enables you to rapidly deploy, update, rollback, and recall software in a highly automated fashion from its intuitive cloud management console, drastically reducing time spent on repackaging and redeploying applications.

Reduce Application and Desktop TCO

By centralizing your applications in the cloud, you can eliminate the need for legacy-specific application environments and complex scripting to run applications on modern desktop environments.

“‘Magic’ is perhaps the only proper term to describe what Numecent’s technology feels like in action…this could have wide implications for how we access applications and downloads in the future”

Fast Company

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