Numecent Unveils Naas – Native as a Service – Cloudpaging Platform on AWS

White-Label Cloudpaging Service Initially For ISVs And Developers

Rapidly Cloudify and Optionally SaaSify Applications and Plug-ins Without Any Changes Piracy-Free, Friction-Free And Near-Instant Delivery From The Cloud

Data Can Remain Local To Users Avoiding Privacy Concerns

Irvine, CA – Numecent, the cloudpaging innovator, today introduced a unique Cloud service called NaaS – “Native as a Service”. Built on its groundbreaking cloudpaging technology, Numecent’s NaaS platform enables ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and developers to deliver their inventory of applications from the Cloud – piracy and friction free – with optional subscription and without any changes to their source code.

In essence, NaaS is to cloud-delivered native applications, what SaaS is to Web- applications. Applications delivered through NaaS provide the immediacy, agility and the liberating user experience of a web-app but with the superior performance, rich functionality and ecosystem continuity benefits which only native applications can deliver. NaaS can also drastically reduce the revenue loss attributed to piracy as there is never an unencrypted or persistent executable to ‘crack’ on the client device.

“As the delivery of digital goods moves unstoppably towards the Cloud, companies offering SaaS have been reaping enormous economic benefits with their Web applications” said Osman Kent, co-founder and CEO of Numecent. “However, until the advent of NaaS, most ISVs with native applications have been unable to participate in this new economy due to technical, financial and resourcing barriers. NaaS changes all that – it is an instant enabler for ISVs, large and small, who want to monetize their inventory now – with or without subscription. NaaS is an effortless on-ramp to the Cloud economy for ISVs.”

A white-label offering, NaaS is a multi-tenant platform hosted on AWS (Amazon® Web Services) and provides a global footprint with a fully integrated CDN (Content Delivery Network).

With the tools and the services provided, ISVs can rapidly Cloudify and optionally SaaSify their Microsoft® Windows®-based applications and deliver them from the NaaS platform almost instantly, with zero installation of the cloudified application on client devices. This workflow does not require any changes or access to source code and can be outsourced to certified professionals in Numecent’s growing ecosystem. Cloudpaged applications can even be run offline at the ISV’s discretion while under full license control.

“Last year we showed how cloudpaging solves the download and installation problems by making Cloud delivery almost instantaneous,” said Art Hitomi, co-founder and CTO of Numecent. “This year, cloudpaging also solves the problem of subscription licensing from the Cloud. With NaaS, we are now delivering all three benefits in a unified and effortless Cloud service. To enjoy these benefits ISVs do not need to make any changes to their software or build any infrastructure to start delivering from the Cloud. We did all the hard work so that ISVs can focus on increasing their revenues and gross-margins.”

Additional benefits of NaaS include:

  • Easy On-Boarding for ISVs to rapidly Cloudify and optionally SaaSify their inventory
  • Near Instant Delivery between 20x to 100x faster than a linear download
  • Zero Installation On The Client avoiding conflicts, support and reputational issues
  • Web-Scale, Elastic & Global without having to build an expensive infrastructure
  • Web-APIs for rapid integration with Web-services such as e-Commerce or CRM
  • Data Can Remain Local To The User avoiding issues with security and compliance
  • License Virtualization requiring no engineering for cloud based licensing
  • Drastically Reduced Piracy helping ISVs to increase their revenues
  • Friction-Free Trial Or Beta Programs for better conversion rates
  • Transparent Updates or Patches for a better user experience
  • Delivery to Physical or Virtual Desktops for tapping into new markets
  • Self-Hosting Option allowing ISVs to leverage their existing IT infrastructure

Availability & Pricing

NaaS is immediately available worldwide on an ‘invitation only basis’ for qualifying ISVs. Please visit www.numecent.com to apply for an invitation.

NaaS itself is a subscription based system and uses an affordable ‘pay-per-use’ pricing model – metered and charged on a monthly basis. Annual subscriptions are also available which may confer additional savings.

The initial roll-out of NaaS is targeted at ISVs who want to deliver their native Windows applications web-scale from the cloud, with or without subscription. In subsequent phases, additional NaaS editions will be offered that are specifically tailored for MSPs, Telcos, Enterprises and with additional client platforms.

About Numecent

Numecent is a fast-growing software and cloud-services company pioneering application delivery. Numecent’s Cloudpaging technology brings rapid, secure and friction free provisioning of native applications from the cloud through virtualization and containerization.

Delivering solutions to Enterprise customers via the channel while also servicing Cloud providers and ISV’s, Numecent has delivered cloudified applications worldwide reducing the pain points for application delivery while helping lower application deployment costs. Numecent was founded in 2008, and is headquartered in Irvine, California. More information can be found at www.numecent.com

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