Cloudpaging Player 9.3.3 Has Officially Launched

Our team is consistently working to enhance solution performance and the user experience for our customers. Based on their feedback, we have been hard at work on the next iteration of Cloudpaging Player and are thrilled to announce the launch of Cloudpaging Player 9.3.3.

This blog will highlight the key updates in the latest release, which are primarily focused on ease-of-use, compatibility, and performance.

Ease of Use

By default, Cloudpaging Player will now have applications start automatically after an appset has been successfully upgraded. Additionally, we’ve enhanced automation capabilities to enable scripts to asynchronously load multiple appsets into the Player.

Improved Compatibility

We’ve made a slew of enhancements to improve Cloudpaging Player compatibility with proxy, UEM providers, and Cloudpager. For example, we have improved compatibility with applications used in conjunction with FSLogix, such as Power BI Desktop and VLC. These enhancements provide even greater application compatibility and portability when both UEM mode and FSLogix are enabled.

It is important to note Cloudpaging Player 9.3.3. is compatible with Cloudpaging Server versions 9.1.X and higher. It also supports all Cloudpaged appsets.

Enhanced Performance

Cloudpaging 9.3.3 includes multiple enhancements, from built-in mitigation of invalid block requests to application paging and virtualization service optimization, increasing desktop performance 10-15% on average.

Additional Resources

Existing Customers

For additional information on the improvements included as part of the release, see the release notes included with the installer. Customers can download the current release here download.numecent.com.

Prospective Customers

Interested in learning more about our Cloudpaging technology? We’d love to discuss how our product portfolio can help simplify the mobilization and management of your Windows applications across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments.

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