Use Cloudpaging Technology to migrate from older Windows OS versions to Windows 10

Microsoft has made the operating system (OS) migration process simple to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Yet, there are many applications that will have conflicts or simply won’t install on Windows 10. While Microsoft and other vendors supply user environment management (UEM) tools to assist with migration, they are incapable of fixing applications which will not run on Windows 10. Other tools, such as AppDNA, can help identify problems but they do not do much to solve the issues. The reality is, there have always been migration challenges for every version of Windows dating back to its earliest versions.

Many of the largest industry leaders around the world are taking advantage of Cloudpaging technology as they are migrating from older Windows OS versions (such as Windows XP and Windows 7) over to Windows 10. Cloudpaging technology currently saves large enterprises between $5 million and $10 million annually in IT and software licensing costs. Cloudpaging can be used to migrate legacy, home-grown, bespoke, or in-house applications onto Windows 10 and Server 2016 platforms.

Cloudpaging Technology Improves the Windows Migration
Success Rate for Enterprise Legacy Apps

Migrate Legacy

Migrate legacy Windows XP (and earlier) applications to Windows 10

Application compatibility is a top concern of IT professionals as they contemplate their Windows 10 migration plans. Many companies still have legacy XP and older ISV applications which are critical to their lines of business but are not supported and will not run on Windows 10. In many cases, Cloudpaging technology can be used to successfully migrate these applications.

Package Migrate

Package migrate in-house, home-grown, custom legacy applications to Windows 10

A common issue is in-house applications have been developed and no longer have the support staff to maintain these mission-critical software applications. For example, internal websites many still use ActiveX controls that are not compatible with Windows 10. Numecent customers have been successful in using Cloudpaging to migrate these applications to Windows 10 and extend their lifespan.

Isolate Troublesome

Isolate troublesome dependencies and application from modern Windows 10 apps

Another common poblem with legacy applications is their dependencies, or the application itself, may cause conflicts with other Windows 10 applications. Cloudpaging can help migrate these applications by isolating components from the system, such as multiple Java JRE versions, without compromising system security.

Package Windows

Package Windows 7 apps now and migrate to Windows 10 later

Because Microsoft makes upgrades to Windows 10 simple, a common strategy is to either upgrade as new hardware rolls out or to re-image. Whatever the strategy is, Cloudpaging can be used, not only to migrate difficult Legacy applications but also for provisioning all of your application estates. By packaging existing applications now, it makes future migrations simpler.

Easily Move

Easily move from Windows 10 to Server 2016, VDI/RDSH, or BYOD

As administrators plan out their Windows 10 migration, many will want to take advantage of new Desktop deployment methods, such as VDI or RDSH. Application packaged using Cloudpaging technology will work on physical desktops and virtual desktops without modification. Cloudpaging is Microsoft certified, Citrix certified, and VMware compliant.

Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate seamlessly with your favorite user profile and management tools

Cloudpaging fully supports User Environment Management (UEM) tools, such as Microsoft UE-V, that are used to control User Profiles and environment data. Continue using SCCM as a single management platform to migrate and support your desktop environments, even those desktops that remove admin rights and are fully secure.

Use Cloudpaging to Run Your Software in
Windows 7, Windows 10, and Beyond

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs involved with upgrading existing in-house apps or replacing legacy apps for compatibility with the latest Windows OS.


Benefit from Cloudpaging usage reports to easily reclaim unused software.

kernel Mode

Simplify the migration of kernel mode apps and device drivers.


Eliminate redundant, costly, and time-consuming software packaging, deployments, and updates.

Deliver Virtual Applications

Deliver virtual applications (and more) on demand.

65% of IT Professional are Most Concerned with Application Compatibility in their Migration to Windows 10

According to a Dimensional Research® study, the most common concern among IT professionals faced with Windows 10 migrations is application compatibility.

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