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Deploy software to your team without the hassle of installation and updates

Once the Cloudpaging player is installed, end users can access Cloudpaged Windows applications according to the organization or service access policies.

Companies love Cloudpaging because it increases access to software and relieves pressure on IT

Issue-free application deployment means happy customers

The Cloudpaging Content Delivery Network (CCDN) enables piracy-free, friction-free, and near-instant provisioning of Windows applications from the cloud.

Independent Software Vendors love Cloudpaging because they can deploy native software swiftly, and securely

Cut down on server costs while serving more gamers

Cloudpaging reduces the amount of data that needs to be transferred while delivering the same or better quality gaming experience for users at a fraction of the space.

Game developers love Cloudpaging because they can scale to market with lower bandwidth requirements

Total license control and advanced insights

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Software that looks, acts, and feels local

Deliver applications easier while reducing significant IT burden
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