Top 5 Numecent Blogs of 2023

We’re only in the third week of 2024 and there is so much to discuss. While change is more rapid than ever before, the future of EUC is bright. As we navigate an ever-changing space, application management is more important than ever.

Before we forge ahead, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the most popular topics we got to explore throughout 2023.

Blog #5: Redefining Citrix Application Management: How to Achieve a Single Golden Image

Discover how to overcome the challenges of achieving a single golden image with Cloudpager and the importance of dynamic application provisioning. Some features you can expect with Cloudpager include quick application rollbacks, compatibility, and the ability to optimize existing App-V packages.

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Blog #4: Deploy App-V Applications from the Cloud

The part 2 in our App-V blog series comes in at #4 of our most popular blogs from 2023. Learn how to seamlessly extend the life of your existing App-V packages by simply uploading them to Cloudpager.

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Blog #3: Expedite Application Migration Off Windows Server 2012 R2 with Cloudpaging

Windows Server 2012 R2 had its end of life this past October. It’s no surprise that this blog came in as our 3rd most popular blog of 2023! While Server 2012 R2 has gone end of life, the ability to lift and shift applications across modern operating systems applies to any Windows desktop or OS migration initiatives you may have.

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Blog #2: We Have App-V Applications But No One in Our Organization Knows How App-V Works

Does your organization have App-V applications, but no one on your team that knows how App-V actually works? The good news is you’re not alone. Our 2nd most popular blog of 2023 embraces an intuitive solution for running App-V applications across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments beyond end of life with Cloudpager.

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Blog #1: Run App-V Packages Forever with Cloudpager

Our #1 blog of 2023 marks the 3rd time our App-V blog series makes an appearance on this list! With App-V’s end of life looming, it’s no surprise IT teams have been looking for a solution to easily and securely run their App-V applications beyond 2026.

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