Numecent’s Cloudpaging Container for Microsoft WVD – New Solution Brief!

Since its release, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) has been a leader in cloud-based desktop virtualization solutions. Still, this pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the adoption rate of desktop virtualization as more people are working from home. Many organizations are currently using or considering Microsoft WVD to deliver apps and data to their remote users. And if you’ve kept up with Microsoft WVD, then you know Numecent is working closely with Microsoft as one of its trusted partners.

Numecent’s Cloudpaging container extends the value of Microsoft WVD by enabling existing client applications to run in a new operating environment. It simplifies image management by dynamically provisioning apps as needed in real-time to the WVD deployments. Cloudpaging pre-virtualizes software applications, allowing for all (physical or VDI) users to get instant use of the application without needing a full install or waiting to update a master pool image to add the application.

Cloudpaging seamlessly supports more applications than any other application delivery tool, and it can deliver a native application from the cloud between 20x to 100x faster compared to a linear digital download. This reduces time and IT workloads in environments with a diverse set of applications. Through rapid onboarding and migration of complicated or incompatible Windows apps in WVD environments, Cloudpaging can significantly reduce an organization’s total operating costs.

Cloudpaging CDN reduces application updates and simplifies complex processes, and enables users to minimize the number of configurations that they need to do. The Cloudpaging container configures legacy apps, kernel-mode apps, and service or device drivers to run flawlessly on Windows Virtual Desktop. With Numecent software, end users can easily migrate their legacy applications and drivers, accessing them anytime and anywhere for a seamless virtual desktop experience.

This new solution brief from Numecent outlines how we work with Microsoft WVD to deliver a modern desktop deployment with maximum application compatibility, enhanced compliance and security, and reduced adoption friction.

Organizations interested in Microsoft WVD can begin preparing today by requesting a demo of Numecent Cloudpaging to learn how your applications can be delivered to Windows desktops regardless of legacy issues, resource conflicts, or application complexity. By using Numecent Cloudpaging with WVD, you can rapidly migrate your users to a modern Windows 10 environment, while significantly reducing OpEx and software licensing costs.

Your organization can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft WVD today by preparing for a smoother app migration, improved app performance, and enhanced user experience with Numecent Cloudpaging. For more information, visit www.numecent.com.

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Numecent is an award-winning cloud technology provider headquartered in Irvine, California. The company’s technology portfolio, built upon 64 patents (and counting), simplifies the mobilization and management of Windows applications across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments. Enterprises around the world – including the largest Fortune 500 companies, cloud service providers, and MSPs – leverage these technologies to package and deploy thousands of applications to millions of end-users in a friction-free manner every day.

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