Value-Added Services for MSPs to Consider in a DaaS Offering

Managed Service Providers understand the value of transitioning business into the cloud with software services. Better known as “as-a-service”, one of the main benefits is the ability to shift expenses to an operating model. On top of managing the solution are also the availability of services.

MSPs are looking to include the following services in their solutions portfolios to maintain their competitive edge:

  • Antivirus / Anti-Malware: With data breaches in the news regularly, enterprises require increased protection against data theft.
  • Application Updating: Enterprises may benefit when handing off routine tasks such as software updates to an outsourced provider rather than using their own IT staff to perform these tasks after hours. MSPs benefit when they use Cloudpaging to automate these updates.
  • Support: Enterprises utilizing outsourced IT solutions will most certainly require support. For technical issues occurring outside of business hours. Make sure there is 24x7x365 support as a part of your plan.
  • Usage Analytics: Enterprises pay a lot of money for software licenses. They will likely want to know if their employees are leveraging the applications provided or ignoring them completely, or if one application gets favored over another. Providing your enterprise client with a reporting dashboard to summarize their organizations’ software usage is a great way to provide value.
  • Application Self-Service: Whether the motivation is to empower end-users or reduce IT burden, self-service application portals are convenient tools and can also operate as a marketplace to enhance revenue streams. Be sure to read the Numecent White Paper on Building a Self-Service Application Portal.

Find out how a leading cloud services provider used Cloudpaging technology to power the application provisioning of its online application store.  Read the Case Study here.

To learn more about Cloudpaging for MSPs and DaaS providers, visit numecent.com/cloudpaging-for-msps/.

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