Cloudpaging Player

Cloudpaging Player is a small footprint client software, installed on every end user’s physical device or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Virtual Machine.

Once the player is installed, end users can access Cloudpaged Windows applications according to the organization or service access policies.

Cloudpaging player supports:
  • Automatic deployment of applications once a user selects them from a self service portal (Enterprise Portal)
  • Secure run of applications in a sandbox
  • High performance execution of applications, supports local CPU or GPU’s (Virtualized CPU or GPU on VDI VM’s)
  • Abides to administrator controls on the Application Container for licensing, application rules and more
  • Cloudpaging technology allows for immediate application use with no requirement for full Application Container download – a small subset of the application is delivered to run right away.
  • Additional application instructions predictively delivery.
  • Offline support requiring no network access – configurable by the end user to “check out” an application