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Is Your DaaS Solution Complete?

Desktop management is a challenge for organizations serving a large base of users with non-persistent desktops. Custom desktops can be costly and difficult to deploy, requiring individuals to manage storage, navigate security hurdles, and other execute cumbersome administrative tasks. Thus, many organizations have adopted standalone DaaS platforms to consolidate and automate those tasks. However, many customers are still managing and maintaining their own applications, resulting in potentially higher operating costs.

We offer Cloudpaging™ for Windows, a DaaS solution empowering channel providers and enterprise IT administrators to deliver a comprehensive desktop application solution, which includes application and update management and deployment.

Want to know how a $4 Billion Independent Software Vendor Uses Cloudpaging?

Benefits of Providing DaaS + Cloudpaging

Cloudpaging complements your DaaS offering by significantly reducing the burden of application management, creating revenue opportunities. The Cloudpaging solution fully simplifies and automates the cumbersome tasks involved with provisioning applications and their updates to multiple end users via the Cloudpaging Studio.

Increased Revenue and Margins

Reduced Image Management Requirements

Cloudpaging reduces the need to deliver and manage application deployment in DaaS environment by reducing the use of multiple base images. By separating the base operating system during the packaging process, Cloudpaging allows for the operating system to be maintained and patched independent of the applications. One package can be used across multiple operating system versions, eliminating the need for repackaging apps when clients migrate to a new operating system.

A single Cloudpaged application (appset) can be used by multiple desktops, and a single Cloudpaged application package will work on multiple operating system versions. Cloudpaged Applications do not have to be fully present on the end-user desktop and require significantly less space than traditionally installed applications. Reducing the storage footprint significantly helps DaaS providers keep costs in check.

Reduced Storage Requirements

Increased Performance and Responsiveness

By only delivering the minimal needed part of the application, desktops can be quickly provisioned, regardless of a persistent or stateless desktop infrastructure. Cloudpaging also supports delivery of the prefetch payload from multiple sources including the Cloudpaging server, network fileshare, and pre- cached location. Having the option to move this payload closer to the endpoint Desktop allows for DaaS providers to deliver a native desktop experience to the end user.

Each Cloudpaging server is highly scalable, fault tolerant, and can service 10,000+ desktops per instance while delivering hundreds of Cloudpaged application packages. A single Cloudpaged application package will work on multiple operating system versions, allowing DaaS providers to package applications one time, and deploy them infinitely.


Flexible Billing Models

Our metrics gathering allows for compatibility with a variety of pricing models:

  • Application-based
  • Device-based
  • End-user-based
  • Session-based
  • Subscription-based
  • Time-based
  • Microsoft SPLA compatible

Enhance your DaaS offering by delivering applications easily, while reducing significant IT burden.