Numecent and AWS Discuss Cloudpager for Amazon WorkSpaces

Numecent and AWS Discuss Cloudpager for Amazon WorkSpaces

Cloudpager is the first and only solution to provide native support for Amazon WorkSpaces and WorkSpaces Application Manager (WAM) packages (read the press release here). This ensures existing WAM packages can lift and shift to Cloudpager, maintaining all their existing contents and functionality (e.g., fonts, drivers support, CAEs) without any changes to the packages themselves.

In this video, Rory Monaghan and Kevin Goodman discuss their vision for the future of remote work, how the Numecent and AWS partnership came to fruition, why enterprises need to adopt cloud-hosted desktops, the benefits enterprises are realizing with Cloudpager for Amazon WorkSpaces, and how existing Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (Amazon WAM) customers can automatically migrate their WAM packages to Cloudpager.

Automatically Migrate WAM Packages to Cloudpager

As discussed in the video above, Numecent and AWS have established an automatic migration of WAM packages to Cloudpager for existing WorkSpaces Application Manager customers. To request a fully managed migration of your Amazon WAM applications to Cloudpager, contact AWS Premium Support. Your AWS account must be subscribed to a Premium Support plan to do so. For more information, see AWS Support Plans.

If you would like to learn more information about upgrading to Cloudpager, send us a message below and we will be in touch shortly.

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