Numecent’s Top 5 Blogs of 2022

Happy New Year! It feels like the IT world evolves faster every year, requiring organizations to constantly seek out new technologies. Numecent has been committed to simplifying the mobilization and management of applications across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments, continuously honing our solution stack to ensure your applications are truly future proof.

Last January we launched Cloudpager, the first and only container management platform for Windows desktops. Building upon our patented Cloudpaging technology, the platform enables you to dynamically provision, update, rollback, recall, and meter applications across any modern Windows desktop environment – from Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Amazon WorkSpaces, and Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops to your physical laptops and desktops.  

While there is plenty to look forward to this year, we wanted to take some time to reflect on a jam-packed 2022, starting with our top five most popular blogs of the year.

Blog #5: Numecent and AWS Discuss Cloudpager for Amazon WorkSpaces

Numecent’s own Rory Monaghan sits down with Kevin Goodman, Director of Product Management at Amazon Web Services, to discuss Cloudpager for Amazon WorkSpaces. Their discussion highlights why AWS chose Numecent as their exclusive partner to migrate existing customers’ WAM packages to Cloudpager as well as their respective visions for the future of EUC.

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Blog #4: Eliminate Obstacles to Packaging and Deploying Legacy Applications on Modern Operating Systems with Cloudpaging

We receive frequent inquiries about packaging legacy applications for modern operating systems. This blog outlines the key considerations when packaging legacy applications, how our patented Cloudpaging technology enables you to achieve full virtualization coverage, and a video on how to effectively package a legacy application for Windows 10.

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Blog #3: How to Simplify Virtual Desktop Image Management with Cloudpager

As remote operations and virtual desktop solutions continue to mature, it’s critical for organizations to implement flexible, long-term solutions for the evolving hybrid workforce. This blog demonstrates how Cloudpager enables you to drastically simplify virtual desktop image management, in turn saving your organization significant time and money.

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Blog #2: Creating a Future for Your App-V Packages

With App-V’s end of life estimated for some time in 2026, this blog outlines how Cloudpaging serves as the optimal solution to extend the utility of your existing App-V packages while providing a long-term solution to your application packaging needs.

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Blog #1: Unlock the Power of Truly Seamless Application Updates with Cloudpager

This is the first of five blogs in Rory Monaghan’s series on application updates. Rory articulates how Cloudpager provides a truly modern approach to application updates, including an instructional video on utilizing Cloudpager for dynamic application updates and rollbacks. Instead of waiting hours or even days to test and provision application updates, Cloudpager enables you to update applications on end user devices in real time without requiring them to log out or reboot.

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