Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop is now Azure Virtual Desktop

Tuesday, Microsoft announced Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop has been rebranded as Azure Virtual Desktop. Microsoft denoted Windows Virtual Desktop become one of the go-to solutions for the hybrid workplace. Many could argue it was the gateway to fully remote operations for those that had to support geographically distributed workforces virtually overnight due to the pandemic.

The pivot in nomenclature seems to align with Microsoft’s commitment to providing a flexible, cloud-first VDI platform to enable users to access the resources they need from “Virtually anywhere”.

The primary commitments for the newly named platform are enhanced security, refined management controls for Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, rapid provisioning to streamline adoption, and new pricing models.

How Cloudpaging Unlocks the Full Azure Virtual Desktop Experience

The move to cloud-first operations is no small feat. While it is the optimal state for many enterprises, legacy, homegrown, and customized applications are not inherently able to run on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. As such, IT needs a solution that can bring their technology investments with them to their new, cloud-hosted virtual desktop environment.

Lift-and-Shift to Microsoft AVD

Cloudpaging enables you to package and format applications on any prior Windows OS for modern desktop environments, without any changes to their source code. Once packaged, they can be deployed infinitely across your physical and virtual desktops without the need to be repackaged.

Ensures Application Compatibility

Cloudpaging abstracts applications from their operating system and formats them for automated provisioning and updates across your desktop environments. By isolated troublesome dependencies, such as multiple Java JREs or outdated drivers, they can run on any physical or virtual desktop as if natively installed – without any actual installation process.

Build Upon Microsoft AVD’s Security and Compliance Capabilities

Cloudpaging leverages granular license enforcement controls, encrypts data in-flight and at-rest, and tracks all application usage (online and offline). It also empowers IT to automate the reallocation and reclamation of software licenses for online and offline applications. There are three license options for Cloudpaging users:

  • Floating: Determine how many seats can be active at the same time.
  • Fixed: Determine how many total seats can be allocated (active or inactive).
  • Metered-Only: There are no limits to the number of online or offline seats, but usage metrics will be tracked when possible.

Lower Dependencies on Gold Images

Desktops only require Cloudpaging Player (a light agent) and less than ten percent of applications to launch. This prevents MSI and EXC images from compounding on the cloud, drastically reducing costs and allowing applications to be dynamically delivered.

Cloudpaging for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

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