CUGC Events This Week- Numecent is A Proud Sponsor and Citrix Partner

This week, Numecent will be participating in two Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) events in the Central US. Today, we will be at the CUGC XL Midwest in Cincinnati, Ohio. The speaker lineup for the event includes:

  • Daniel Feller, Citrix, will present “Show Me Your ID.” Daniel is a recognized expert in desktop virtualization – you can check out his blog at virtualfellow.com.
  • Shane Kleinert, CTP, will present “Changing Course for the Future- Citrix Workspace. A Real-World View.” Shane is a member of the Citrix Partner Technical Council (PTEC).
  • Steve Greenberg, CTP Fellow is presenting “EUC: Choose Your Own Adventure.” Steve is a pioneer and innovated in advanced deployments of Citrix, Virtualization and Cloud Technologies.
  • Benjamin Crill, CTA & Scott Bowling, End User will co-present “American Electric Power: Top Use Cases are on the Board.” Benjamin is a consultant with Hogan Consulting Group, focuses on driving business initiatives with cloud computing and end-user computing solutions. Scott has over 20 years of experience with AEP.
  • Patrick Coble, CTP, will present “Secure the Things.” Patrick, a self-professed nerd has over 20 years of IT experience and has a passion for giving presentations on IT solutions.

Numecent is proud to be a Citrix Partner, and a sponsor of the CUGC XL Midwest event this year. Our Cloudpaging software is Citrix Ready certified and supports Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops customers with automated application provisioning on demand. Cloudpaging creates unique dispositions for isolating or integrating software and the end user’s operating system, resulting in maximum application compatibility and functionality. With our technology, you can run existing client applications in a new operating environment without upgrading your software. In fact, some of the largest companies in the work, including cloud service providers use Cloudpaging to migrate, manage, and run all of their applications.

Numecent provides technology in rapid, secure and friction-free provisioning of native applications from the cloud through virtualization. Cloudpaging technology can deliver a native application from the cloud between 20x to 100x faster compared to a linear digital download and execute on the client platform without installation. Learn more at www.numecent.com.

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Numecent is an award-winning cloud technology provider headquartered in Irvine, California. The company’s technology portfolio, built upon 64 patents (and counting), simplifies the mobilization and management of Windows applications across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments. Enterprises around the world – including the largest Fortune 500 companies, cloud service providers, and MSPs – leverage these technologies to package and deploy thousands of applications to millions of end-users in a friction-free manner every day.

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