How Do I Package Legacy Installer Applications?

Note: This solution details how to deliver a legacy application to Windows 64-bit, using ArcView GIS as an example. This works because ArcView GIS 3.0 uses a 16-bit installer to deploy the 32-bit application.

Installing ArcView GIS on Windows 10 64-bit displays the following notification:

To get around this limitation we will use Cloudpaging to package and deliver ArcView GIS to a 64-bit OS as follows:

  1. Copy the extracted installer (link below) to a Windows 32-bit capture machine.
  2. Use Studio to capture the installation.
  3. In Operating system support, select the desired target OS’s.
  4.  In the fonts tab, exclude all legacy .fot fonts.
  5. Set C:\ESRI\AV_GIS30\ARCVIEW\BIN32\arcview.exe as the command line.
  6. Optionally capture prefetch and then “cloudify” the application.
  7. Cloudpage the application to a Windows 64-bit OS:

About the Author:

Giovanni Olivera is the lead packager at Numecent. He has been with Numecent since 2015 and provides packaging support and training for our customers. He has 17 years’ experience in the software support field. Giovanni has a BS in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix.