System Administrators’ Biggest Concerns About Windows 10 Migration

Last week, Tony and I represented Numecent at the VMUG UserCon for the greater Seattle, Washington area.  The one-day event centered around users of virtual machines and virtual desktop infrastructure in locally headquartered organizations.  During the event, Numecent conducted a survey of attendees on their thoughts about Windows 10 Migration and what concerns they had as system administrators who would be dealing with all of the implications of pre- and post-Windows 10 migration.  The results were not surprising.

Over 75% of attendees surveyed placed concern on the need for user training as a result of Windows 10 migration, while the runner-up receiving 50% of the attendees’ attention was…  (drumroll…) You guessed it… Application compatibility.  From a marketer’s lens, the results worked out quite nicely, as application compatibility in any Windows OS, especially Windows 10, is Numecent’s specialty!

About numecent

Numecent is an award-winning cloud technology provider headquartered in Irvine, California. The company’s mission from its inception has been to simplify the mobilization and management of applications across modern desktop and multi-cloud environments. Numecent’s technology portfolio, built upon 58 patents (and counting) authored by a team of world-class inventors and Windows experts, empowers enterprises around the world – including the largest Fortune 500 companies, cloud service providers, and MSPs – to seamlessly package and deploy thousands of applications to millions of end-users on a daily basis.

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