Numecent Named Among Top 20 Virtualization Solutions for 2015

Irvine, CA – Cloudpaging leader Numecent® today announced that CIOReview magazine has selected the company as one of its “20 Most Promising Virtualization Solution Providers” for 2015. This annual list of companies is compiled by a panel of experts as well as members of CIOReview’s editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship, as well as groundbreaking new technologies.

This award is based on the rapid market traction of “cloudpaging”, which is Numecent’s unique virtualization and containerization platform, as well as its overall technical strengths. Cloudpaging excels in Web-scale delivery of any Microsoft® Windows® application directly to virtual or physical desktops.

“Cloudpaging represents our vision to transform software provisioning and consumption throughout the software life cycle – be it from the cloud or on-premises,” said Tom Lagatta, President and CEO of Numecent. “Current computing paradigms, including the cloud, contain a lot of ‘Junk DNA’, creating huge inefficiencies in the way software is delivered and maintained. Our mission with cloudpaging is to effortlessly eradicate those inefficiencies, to remove any IT headaches and to provide a much better overall user experience in the process.”

“Numecent impressed us with the strength of its cloudpaging technology as well as the clarity of the company’s value proposition, which can dramatically simplify any company’s IT effort as well as providing a substantive cost-reduction strategy,” said Pradeep Shankar, Editor in Chief of CIOReview. “Their inclusion as a member of our Top 20 list was an easy decision to reach – the consensus was clear and we are very excited by the opportunities cloudpaging provides as an emerging yet proven virtualization and containerization solution.”

The full text of the CIOReview article profiling Numecent can be found at http://virtualization.cioreview.com/vendor/2015/numecent

About Cloudpaging

Cloudpaging first ‘cloudifies’ an application using pre-virtualization and containerization. This one-time, offline process abstracts the application from the underlying operating system and does not require any changes to the application itself nor does it require any access to the source code. It also divides the application into tiny instruction fragments called ‘pages’ which can be delivered on-demand — hence the term “cloudpaging”.

This cloudified asset is then published on a cloudpaging server (in the cloud or on- premises) where the admin can now impose a second layer of licensing, which Numecent calls ‘MetaLicensingTM’. The purpose of MetaLicensing is to provide a fine- grain, real-time license enforcement tool for compliance and audit reasons, without having to change the underlying license mechanisms of the rights holders.

Once the initial 5% payload is delivered (pushed or pulled), the cloudpaging agent on the client-side fetches the remaining pages only if accessed by the user and executes them inside a virtualization sandbox with ZERO installation. Avoiding the installation phase solves the major application-provisioning problem associated with physical and virtual desktops and users can start running the application almost instantly without contaminating their desktops. Subsequent accesses to previously fetched pages are locally stored in an encrypted cache for even faster access and can be used even offline.

Most importantly, while the applications can be delivered from the cloud in this friction- free manner, cloudpaging does NOT require company data to be moved to the cloud (which can still remain securely behind the company’s firewall). This is an important security consideration for many enterprise customers.

About CIOreview

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About Numecent

Numecent is a fast-growing software and cloud-services company pioneering application delivery. Numecent’s Cloudpaging technology brings rapid, secure and friction free provisioning of native applications from the cloud through virtualization and containerization.

Delivering solutions to Enterprise customers via the channel while also servicing Cloud providers and ISV’s, Numecent has delivered cloudified applications worldwide reducing the pain points for application delivery while helping lower application deployment costs. Numecent was founded in 2008, and is headquartered in Irvine, California. More information can be found at www.numecent.com

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