Numecent Introduces Cloudpaging Offering for Android

March 2, 2017 – Irvine, CA – Numecent®, the only company focused on native Cloud Application Delivery, is pleased to announce the general availability of Cloudpaging for Android.
Cloudpaging for Android is the fastest and most efficient method for delivering large Android applications such as gaming contents to Android devices. The technology uses Numecent’s patented virtual memory management techniques, allowing devices with 32GB to function more like ones with 512GB. With Cloudpaging, multi-gigabyte applications take a fraction of the device space, reducing the need for users to remove data and applications to free up space. Other benefits include the ability to pre-load more applications, launch them rapidly, and provide piracy protection.

“Android was a simple hardware computing platform, but now it rivals the power of yesterday’s PC, and its OS and applications are rapidly becoming as large and complex as Windows,” says Arthur Hitomi, CEO of Numecent. The Numecent team who solved the challenges of Application Delivery for Windows over a decade ago has applied this knowledge to solve similar issues that are arising on Android devices.

Cloudpaging provides instant gratification for gamers, as it enables them to quickly start playing. They can now have a large library of games and other apps on their devices, and try large freemium games quickly and without worrying about storage space. The promise of fast deployment and a small footprint without sacrificing user experience means game publishers observe lower game installation abandonment rate, resulting in lower customer acquisition costs and increased profitability.

“It was only a few years ago that Android applications were only a few megabytes, and that a 32GB device was plenty of space. Today some of those same applications are well over a gigabyte in size and are more complex than ever. We saw those trends over a decade ago and they still continue today” says Arthur Hitomi.

For further information on Cloudpaging for Android, please visit https://numecent.com/android/

About Numecent

Numecent is the pioneer of Cloudpaging, an award-winning cloud technology designed to maximize application compatibility and portability across modern desktop environments. Created by a world-class team of engineers, its core technology was developed at University of California, Irvine with funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Headquartered in Irvine, California and backed by Deutsche Telekom, Numecent launched out of “stealth” mode in 2012. Today, the company serves millions of users around the world, with two satellite locations in London and Tokyo. Continuing its spirit of innovation, its technology portfolio includes 58 issued patents (and counting).


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