Numecent Brings Cloud-Gaming in-house Through Approxy Acquisition

Accelerates Numecent’s Reach Into Newer Markets;

Extends Numecent’s Foundational Patent Portfolio

Irvine, CA – Cloudpaging pioneer Numecent® today announced that it has acquired the assets of Approxy – its cloud-gaming offshoot, which was originally spun- out of Numecent to bring cloudpaging into next-generation cloud- gaming services.

Cloudpaging is Numecent’s groundbreaking and patented virtualization platform which can deliver a native application from the cloud between 20x to 100x faster than a linear digital download and execute it on the client device without installation.

Unlike expensive remoting solutions which cannot scale, cloudpaging does not push pixels. The technology actually transmits pre-virtualized native software instructions inside a secure container (a page at a time and on demand). These are then executed on the user’s machine in a transient manner and at full performance. As a result, cloudpaged games can be enjoyed almost instantly, and can become Web-scale with minimal server and network footprint – while reducing piracy substantially for publishers.

“Approxy made great inroads with both game publishers and service providers, and demonstrated the tremendous value cloudpaging can offer to the industry,” said Osman Kent, co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Numecent. “We have determined that our customers are best served by a unified technical solution for both gaming and non- gaming applications. This transaction will now enable us to offer that unified solution and apply Numecent’s considerable resources to support the game developers and publishers directly.”

“As the industry continues to realize both the poor scalability and high-cost implications of pixel streaming, we successfully put cloudpaging on the map as the superior alternative for delivering games,” said Dr. Yavuz Ahiska, President and founder of Approxy. “We believe the re-unified company will now be able to continue that journey at a much faster pace and satisfy the needs of game publishers worldwide”.

As part of the asset purchase transaction, Numecent will take-over all the IP, certain staff and customers of Approxy. The combined company will operate under the unified Numecent brand.

About Approxy

Apprroxy is a start-up focused on the application of cloudpaging technology for Web-scale delivery of games from the cloud. It started life originally as an incubation project within Numecent, which was subsequently spun-out into a joint- venture in 2012. It continued to enhance cloudpaging with its own gaming-specific extensions and garnered acclaim from game publishers and industry pundits alike before being acquired by Numecent in 2014.

About Numecent

Numecent is a fast-growing software and cloud-services company pioneering application delivery. Numecent’s Cloudpaging technology brings rapid, secure and friction free provisioning of native applications from the cloud through virtualization and containerization.

Delivering solutions to Enterprise customers via the channel while also servicing Cloud providers and ISV’s, Numecent has delivered cloudified applications worldwide reducing the pain points for application delivery while helping lower application deployment costs. Numecent was founded in 2008, and is headquartered in Irvine, California. More information can be found at www.numecent.com

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