Numecent and Parsons Think Big – 4m Plus CAD Sessions Delivered From the Cloud

At CloudBeat 2013 The Companies To Provide Insights Into Their World-Beating Solution

Irvine, CA – Cloudpaging pioneer Numecent® will be on-stage at CloudBeat 2013 with Parsons to discuss how the two companies partnered to create ParStream-Jukebox, which has delivered more than 4-million multi-vendor CAD and engineering application sessions on Parsons’ private cloud since inception. As a multibillion-dollar engineering, construction, technical, and professional services company, Parsons must deliver more than 700+ unique versions of 400+ multi-gigabyte CAD and engineering applications to projects worldwide. This innovative use of Cloud technology has met their immediate demand and allows Parsons to expand the delivery and use of these applications for the foreseeable future.

Built on Numecent’s groundbreaking cloudpaging platform, Parsons’ ParStream-Jukebox is a dynamic-delivery environment that makes engineering, CAD, and GIS applications from 90 different vendors available immediately and on-demand to thousands of users worldwide with essentially no IT support. ParStream-Jukebox saves Parsons and their clients millions of dollars in annual support and configuration costs.

“Parsons has shown extraordinary vision and foresight by deciding to develop and deploy ParStream-Jukebox on top of Numecent’s cloudpaging foundation,” said Osman Kent, cofounder and CEO of Numecent. “While the rest of the industry is still trying to figure out how to migrate these ‘big apps’ to the Cloud, Parsons and Numecent have been quietly and effortlessly cloudifying and deploying them in their millions and delivering enormous productivity and cost saving benefits along the way.”

“This joint achievement is an industry milestone and drastically pushes the envelope of what the pundits thought was possible in the Cloud today,” said Joe Visconti, Parsons’ CTO. “As is the case for most engineering organizations and, indeed, for our customers, the problems we solve require huge and complex native applications from many different vendors. They need to be deployed dynamically and effortlessly anywhere in the world without requiring specialist IT staff. ParStream-Jukebox gives us exactly that environment and the flexibility and the scalability we need to meet the rapidly growing demand of our customers worldwide.”

Parsons’ Engineering Systems cloudified 700+ huge, multi-gigabyte applications such as Autodesk AutoCAD®, Bentley Systems’ Microstation®, and ESRI ArcGIS® in a short time and with no changes or access to the underlying source code. The project required only the tools and the services provided by Numecent.

Remarkably, the system is underpinned by a couple of cloudpaging server instances (including fail-over) that serves projects in North America and users across their global footprint. This accomplishment highlights the significant scalability and cost effectiveness of the underlying cloudpaging architecture.

You can find out more about this world beating Cloud project by attending the CloudBeat 2013 conference at the Grand Hyatt, San Francisco, 9-10 September. The Parsons- Numecent session will be held in the Grand Ball Room at 16:35 on 10 September. It will be headlined by Damon Donnell, Parsons’ esteemed Director of Engineering Systems- Services, and Numecent’s outspoken cofounder & CEO, Osman Kent, who was previously the co-founder CEO of 3Dlabs.

Moderated by VentureBeat’s legendary Dean Takahashi, the session is likely to be a treasure chest of lively discussion, deep insights and a forecast of what is yet to come in the Cloud revolution. You can read the guest article, setting the scene for this session, at http://venturebeat.com/2013/09/04/chasing-the-pixel-streaming-dream/

About Parsons

Parsons – which is now celebrating nearly 70 years of growth in the engineering, construction, technical, and professional services industries – is a leader in many diversified markets (www.parsons.com/markets/Pages/default.aspx), with a focus on transportation, environmental, infrastructure, defense, security, and global resources. Parsons delivers design/design-build, program/construction management, and other professional services packaged in innovative, alternative delivery methods to federal, regional, and local government agencies, as well as to private industrial customers worldwide. For more about Parsons, please visit www.parsons.com

About Numecent

Numecent is a fast-growing software and cloud-services company pioneering application delivery. Numecent’s Cloudpaging technology brings rapid, secure and friction free provisioning of native applications from the cloud through virtualization and containerization.

Delivering solutions to Enterprise customers via the channel while also servicing Cloud providers and ISV’s, Numecent has delivered cloudified applications worldwide reducing the pain points for application delivery while helping lower application deployment costs. Numecent was founded in 2008, and is headquartered in Irvine, California. More information can be found at www.numecent.com

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