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Independent Software Vendors Can Easily Move to a Cloud-Based Subscription Model

Gone are the days of shrink-wrapped software in a box.  As technology devices become lighter and more versatile, independent software vendors (ISVs) are expected to keep up with the changes.  This can make it very difficult for an ISV whose core line of business is to keep the application functionality current to the purpose for which it was created.  Adding an additional layer of complexity, security, and compatibility to keep a software application accessible as individuals and enterprises upgrade devices is a whole new line of business in itself.  Cloudpaging technology removes the barriers to SaaS entry, making it possible for ISVs to remain relevant and competitive as software moves toward a cloud-based subscription model.


How Cloudpaging Digital Rights Enables Software-as-a-Service

With the advent of cloud computing, more and more independent software vendors (ISVs) are moving their software products and offerings to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. A typical SaaS offering involves software licensing and delivery in which the software is licensed on a subscription basis and serviced from the cloud. For many ISVs, converting their [...]

Case Study

Want to know how a $4 Billion ISV uses Cloudpaging to deliver software trials?

Cloudpaging Transformings “Shrink-Wrap” Software into Software-as-a-Service

Cloudpaging enables ISVs to capitalize on the opportunities to sell existing applications into new markets which do not have the expertise or capital to purchase, install and manage applications, but are willing to purchase licenses on a subscription or rental basis. They can also deliver software applications as large-scale, multi-tenant web deployments without undertaking resource-intensive programs to re-write applications for the web or compromising functionality by developing cut-down HTML clients.

Benefits to ISVs

New Revenue Opportunities

By moving to cloud-based application provisioning with Cloudpaging, ISVs capitalize on the opportunities to sell their existing applications into new markets with subscription pricing plans. Cloudpaging can be used to eliminate poor conversion rates from trialware and demos, by ensuring end customers are evaluating full featured ISV applications that are up and running right away without long downloads.

Cloudpaging provides management to control the basic life-cycle, without modifying existing application software; deployment, maintenance and upgrades, metering, and software removal. ISV software is provision from the cloud between 20x and 100x faster than traditional download and install. Cloudpaging ensures that the latest release of an application is always accessible and application maintenance releases are automatically detected and instantly made available.

Full Application Life-Cycle Management

Complete License Control & Subscription Management

Cloudpaging’s advanced license management capabilities enables subscription management for any ISV application and can guarantee that software is removed after a subscription has expired. This allows ISVs to create subscription plans, with a variety of pricing models, knowing that their software is fully controlled and metered. Cloudpaging can work with existing ISV licensing mechanisms and even automatically inject license key data during deployment.

ISVs can now move to a cloud-based, subscription model without undertaking resource-intensive programs to re-write applications for the web or compromising functionality by developing cut-down HTML clients. ISVs can compartmentalize the fully-featured demo versions and instantly deliver to end customer on a time limit without re-engineering.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership Through the Cloud

Enhance your SaaS offering by delivering applications easily with little up-front cost, while reducing significant IT burden on your audience.  Learn how you can sell software via a cloud marketplace like that of Ingram Micro.