Use Cases

Cloudpaging for Independent Software Vendors

Expand your business by making software more accessible to resellers and end-users

“Numecent’s Cloudpaging technology has provided our prospects with an improved user experience, enabling PTC to radically improve the success of the Creo trial program, leading to an increase in new customers.”

Jim Barret – Smith, Product Management Director, PTC

Rapidly Pivot to a Software-as-a-Service Model

Cloudpaging removes the security, compliance, and compatibility barriers to converting your offering into a SaaS product. By abstracting applications from their operating system, they can seamlessly run across customers’ cloud, VDI, DaaS, and physical desktop environments without any coding changes.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Adopt cloud-based subscription models without rewriting application code. Cloudpaging also enables you to deliver fully functioning demo versions of your product with time-bound expirations, eliminating manual administration for product trials and the need to engineer an alternative version of your offerings.

Leverage License and Subscription Management Controls

Automate license policy enforcement for online and offline applications. Cloudpaging enables IT administrators to enforce how many users can access an application at a given time, how long applications can be run offline, and when policies will expire; drastically reducing manual license administration.

Establish Full Application Lifecycle Management

Cloudpaging provides end-to-end management of the application lifecycle and eliminates upgrading and patching on client devices while ensuring users always have the most up-to-date version of the
product running. This eliminates maintenance downtime and maximizes productivity for end-users.

Cultivate New Revenue Streams

Reduce financial and technical barriers for resellers and end-users to purchase, install, and manage their applications by moving to a cloud-based application provisioning model. Software can then be delivered as a multi-tenant web deployment at enterprise scale, without changing a single line of application code.

Case Study

How PTC Mitigated Trial Abandonment and Increased Paid Conversion Rates with Cloudpaging

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