Use Cases

Cloudpager for Independent Software Vendors

Dynamically provision software to customers around the world in a highly automated fashion.

Why Container Management is the Future for ISVs

Global scale

Built on a global cloud backbone, Cloudpager enables ISVs to provision software to any user around the world within seconds.

High Availability

Maximize uptime by dynamically pushing software and their updates to end users without installations or reboots.

No More Hardware

Cloudpager effectively eliminates the need to manage customer-side servers and databases, yielding massive reductions in on-site costs.

Provide a Modern User Experience Across All Windows Desktops

Cloudpager enables ISVs to automate the configuration and management of complex desktop environments without repackaging. This guarantees software can run on emerging cloud and desktop-as-a-service environments, such as Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and more.

Cultivate New Revenue Streams

Reduce financial and technical barriers for resellers and end-users to purchase, install, and manage software by moving to a cloud-based application provisioning model. Software can be run in multi-tenant environments without refactoring.

Automate Software Provisioning

Cloudpager enables ISVs to enforce how many users can access an application at a given time, how long applications can be run offline, and when policies will expire. You can also execute instant rollbacks or reclamations.

Establish Greater Visibility

Cloudpager provides end-to-end insights and controls throughout the customer lifecycle. All Cloudpaged applications are metered, ensuring ISV teams can monitor application performance, access patterns, total cost of ownership, and more.

Create Custom Storefronts

ISVs can provide self-service access via Cloudpager Storefront, or integrate to customer and third-party storefronts. Ultimately, Cloudpager provides the flexibility to provide ISV customers with their preferred solution.

“Numecent’s Cloudpaging technology has provided our prospects with an improved user experience, enabling PTC to radically improve the success of the Creo trial program, leading to an increase in new customers.”

Jim Barret – Smith, Product Management Director, PTC

Case Study

How PTC Mitigated Trial Abandonment and Increased Paid Conversion Rates with Cloudpaging

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