A global technology reseller and managed services provider (MSP) uses Cloudpaging technology with their enterprise customers who have legacy software which is not compatible with Windows® 10 and they are faced with two options, neither of which is very desirable:

  1. Enterprise customers can continue running their existing software on Windows XP and Windows 7 without OS support.   With that, they risk an unsupported OS shutdown at any time, as well as security breaches and violations associated with their lines of business, be it finance, education, government, healthcare… the list goes on.
  2. Spend millions of dollars to purchase an entirely new ERP system from the original software vendor… the same vendor that they already paid millions of dollars to provide their existing software, which they might as well throw away…

… until they were offered Cloudpaging from Numecent via their reseller/ MSP.

What choice did they make? The global technology reseller and managed service provider educated their customers about Cloudpaging. The enterprise customers agreed that spending millions to upgrade your software, simply because you are upgrading your Windows OS, is unnecessary and will not benefit your business.  These enterprise customers have been able to migrate their workstations over to Windows 10, while they continue running legacy versions of JDEdwards®, IBM®, Microsoft®, Oracle®, PeopleSoft®, SAP®, Siebel® software …AND MORE!

Cloudpaging technology makes it possible to run existing client applications in a new operating environment without all the hassle and expense of upgrading to new versions of your existing software. Some of the largest companies in the world, including leading providers of cloud services, use Cloudpaging to migrate, manage, and run all of their applications. Cloudpaging’s advanced automated application provisioning capabilities put it in a class above traditional application virtualization tools which only solve part of the problems many companies face.

Examples of the specific solutions are detailed in the following posts by Numecent Lead Engineer, Dan Kobyashi, Isolating Troublesome Dependencies on Windows 10 and Migrating Legacy Applications to Windows Server 2016.

Benefits Experienced by Enterprises Using Cloudpaging for Legacy App Compatibility
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY – Package and provision all your applications including legacy apps: 16-bit and 32-bit Windows XP, Java™.

  • INSTANT AND FLEXIBLE PROVISIONING – Large applications delivered to the desktop in seconds or delivered through our SCCM/ ConfigMgr Integration.

  • END-USER SELF SERVICE – Seamlessly plugs into existing portals and Active Directory with SSO Interface.

  • UPDATE AND REPLACE – Real-time applications updates without re-install.

  • SCALABILITY – A single server supports thousands of users.

  • SECURE – Applications are provisioned over secure connections with strong encryption.

  • Windows® 10 Desktop Migration
  • Windows Server 2016 Migration
  • Moving to VDI or DaaS Environment
  • Extending Life of Your Legacy Apps
  • Modernizing Legacy Applications
  • Eliminate Migrations
  • Automate IT
  • Reduce IT costs