Isolating Troublesome Dependencies on Windows 10

With Windows 7 end-of-life approaching in 2020, many corporations have begun to plan their migration strategy to Windows 10. As these corporations are finding, one of the most difficult migration problems is with legacy software, such as Windows XP software which worked on Windows 7, no longer are compatible with Windows 10. One of the main reasons that legacy software is not compatible with Windows 10 is due to dependency conflicts.

A good example of this legacy application compatibility was with a customer that had an old version of Oracle EBS client software for business needs. This legacy EBS software required an outdated Java Runtime v1.6 (JRE6) that is not supported on Windows 10. As new Window 10 desktop environments are being rolled out into production they will likely already have the latest supported version of JRE installed to run more modern software applications. In order to continue using the legacy version of Oracle EBS, which was required for business needs, the customer needed an environment that could function with both an outdated JRE separate and isolated from software using the newer JRE.


Cloudpaging technology has the ability to isolate troublesome or legacy components, using its patented Virtual Disposition Layers. This technology allowed Cloudpaging to deliver JRE6 in an isolated environment, such that it does not conflict with the latest version of JRE installed on the system. By running an older browser in the Cloudpaging container, this virtual browser will use the isolated JRE6 and therefore the customer can continue using the legacy Oracle EBS software without compromising the system. The locally installed applications and browsers will continue to use the newer JRE version.

Using Cloudpaging, customers can have an environment where multiple versions of JRE are installed on the same system and being used for different purposes to run modern applications and legacy applications that would normally be in conflict.

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