The Problem: Managing Applications for 100,000s of Virtual Desktops

Discover how a leading cloud storage and services provider solved application lifecycle management for its DaaS platform while providing customizable experiences for their customers.

A leading cloud storage and services provider delivers a fast, flexible, and secure way for its user base to deploy and manage applications for its Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform. The DaaS platform accelerates software deployment, upgrades, patching, and retirement by “cloudifying” Microsoft® Windows® desktop applications into virtualized application packages. These applications run on the customer’s DaaS platform instance as though they are natively installed. The platform allows its primary admin users to install their own applications, or purchase desktop applications through its online application software store, and deploy them to multiple end-users on the account while maintaining control of the users’ access to those applications. Simple, pay-as-you-go, user-based pricing ensures that customers only pay for the applications that are being used.

But it wasn’t always this way. This particular organization first built its DaaS platform to offer a “Desktop in the Cloud” for its customers. The company quickly realized providing the desktop was only going to solve a portion of the customer needs.

Customers had a clear need for Application Lifecycle Management in the DaaS platform. Compounding the problem was the fact that each customer likely had different policies, requirements, and expectations for Application Lifecycle Management meaning a “one size fits all” solution would not work. Customers would expect the same level of performance from their applications on the DaaS platform as they did from their physical desktops. They would also need compatibility with all Windows applications whether they bought the software from the cloud provider, installed their own application, also known as Bring Your Own Application (BYOA), or used a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model.

The organization needed to address all these concerns while addressing its own set of requirements. Scaling and performance were critical, as this solution would be utilized by thousands of users on a daily basis. Reducing storage requirements would provide significant benefits to both the leading cloud storage and services provider and the pricing for its customers. Automation to significantly cut down on manual efforts was needed to help ensure the company’s solution would be cost-effective. The automated features would need to integrate seamlessly with the existing application store. Application usage data would be needed for billing as well as the ability to deploy, update, and remove software.

The Solution: ONLY Cloudpaging could address all their requirements

The organization found Numecent’s Cloudpaging technology to be the only out-of-the-box solution that could meet all their DaaS requirements. Cloudpaging also contained additional features beyond the company’s requirements that added additional value and eliminated other potential custom work for the company’s team.

Cloudpaging provides excellent Application Lifecycle Management with a Software Asset Management model that can be fully integrated with and extended by application stores. Applications can be easily packaged, deployed, updated, and removed without leaving a trace. A deployed application runs natively within the DaaS platform instance; the performance is the same as a natively installed application. Proprietary Cloudpaging technology reduces application footprints to less than 10% of the space occupied by a native installation. This significantly reduces storage and network requirement costs both for the customer and for the DaaS provider.

Cloudpaging also includes a full-featured set of APIs allowing the leading cloud storage and services provider to easily automate
all application activities on both the Client and Server side as well as seamlessly integrate into the existing DaaS console. This
allowed further integration with the company’s additional services including Active Directory connections to provision applications
to specific users. The flexible architecture and billing options also allow the leading cloud storage and services provider to fully
track application usage, centrally manage applications, and offer pricing models that are based on actual usage. Customers love
receiving one clear and concise bill from a single provider for all their DaaS and application usage.

Cloudpaging reduces the required prefetch payload to reduce traffic and storage requirements by up to 95%.

Sample Applications Traditional
Install Size (MB)
Prefetch Payload (MB)
Reduced Traffic
and Storage (MB)
Yearly Cost
Reduction for
100,000 Desktops
Act! Pro 304 124 180 $21,552
Anime Studio Pro 284 37 247 $29,688
Autodesk Revit 10,291 748 9,543 $1,145,160
Corel Draw 428 161 267 $32,088
Microsoft Visio Professional 1,114 41 1,073 $128,712
 SolidWorks 2,703  438  2,265 $271,800
 Sophos Endpoint Security 467  4 463  $55,536
 Turbo CAD  667  60  607 $72,864
Visual Studio Ultimate 4,560 247 4,313 $517,560
WordPerfect Office 983 84 899 $107,856

*Sample Network and Storage Costs

The Benefits

  • An automated platform for users to select from hundreds of applications it provides for free or at a cost.

  • Easy facilitation of BYOL and BYOA applications.

  • Curate a unique experience for user base and provide a custom application store experience.

  • Instant application provisioning.

  • Extensible digital rights management component that allows entitlement, provisioning, and upgrades to be centrally controlled and extended upon by using a set of Web APIs by system integrators.

  • Microsoft Windows applications may be packaged and deployed to users throughout any customer’s organization.

  • Ability to build and manage an application catalog of third-party applications that includes already owned licenses, internally-developed custom applications, and applications purchased through its online store for desktop applications by leveraging these APIs.

  • Introduce new revenue streams as a Managed Service Provider.

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