Webinar Abstract

Windows 365 provides a simple solution to provision Cloud PCs. While it is easy to deploy Cloud PCs themselves, getting all your applications to run can be difficult. Due to performance issues with centralized tools for managing application deployments and the user experience, IT often resorts to installing applications directly into Windows 365 images at the expense of long-term management issues and increased costs.

Cloudpager enables you to create a robust, application-rich Windows 365 Cloud PC experience while keeping subscription costs as low as possible. This webinar will demonstrate how to maximize application deployment success, maintain a single golden image, and establish enterprise-grade application management capabilities.

This webinar was hosted by Rory Monaghan and Ryan Will, including a live demonstration of how to upload and deploy application containers to a brand new Windows 365 Cloud PC within 30 minutes.

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn how to:

  • Upload and deploy applications to Windows 365 Cloud PCs within 30 minutes
  • Auto-deploy application containers to Azure AD security groups and users
  • Dynamically provision applications and updates to Cloud PCs within seconds
  • Execute instant application rollbacks and software reclamation
  • Automate software license policy enforcement

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