Cloudpaging CDN

Cloudpaging CDN (Content Delivery Network) – formerly called NaaS (Native-as-a-service) is a groundbreaking cloud service platform which enables ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors), Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service providers to deliver their inventory of native Windows applications from the cloud and is built on an extended version of the cloudpaging technology.

The Cloudpaging CDN enables piracy-free, friction-free and near-instant provisioning from the cloud with optional subscription and without needing any changes to the underlying applications delivered from the service.

Based on AWS (Amazon Web Services), the Cloudpaging CDN today is used by large and small customers around the world. The Cloudpaging CDN offers a web-scale and extendable platform, to make it multi-tenanted, easier to on-board and with patented new features like ‘License Virtualization’ in the cloud – making subscription licensing a breeze.

With the tools and the services provided, customers can rapidly Cloudify Windows based applications (and plug-ins) and deliver them from the Cloudpaging CDN platform almost instantly, with zero installation of the application on client devices. This workflow does not require any changes or access to source code and can be outsourced to certified professionals in Numecent’s growing ecosystem. Cloudpaged applications can be run offline at the rights-holder’s discretion while under full license control.

Offering the Cloudpaging CDN, on a global and elastic infrastructure like AWS, enables our customers to on-board rapidly and offer their cloudified applications at web-scale without having to build an expensive infrastructure themselves.

The Cloudpaging CDN is a white-label offering and is targeted at ISVs, OEM’s, and Managed Service Providers.